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Strange but could be very interesting until someone fall down into this matter and experience the careless attitude of world‘s largest airline. ‘Who cares’ should be the slogan which actually fits with brand.

My bitter experience doesn’t make any difference for largest airline but may be passengers needs be aware how airline is badly handling their valuables baggages while you are relaxing and enjoying your flight. May be a ground handling agency has been given full rights to play with your baggage and throw on the belt while transferring or lodging unloading specially if you have stopover. That’s you luck if your baggage arrives safely because it’s not the Emirates Airlines responsibility as per their carriage condition. Ahhh...you are fully responsible because you didn’t go through that before putting your baggage into check-in.

Unfortunately if something goes wrong you report Emirates Airlines but they do have terms & conditions published on their website to protect themselves. And no one will listen you since their Customer service Agents have pre fomated templates to respond you. So , no liabilities on them. You wish that your baggage is arrived safely with Emirates Airlines.

If you travel think twice before choosing your carrier.

And trust me this is not the exception with me, consumer complaints are full with this kind of irresponsible behaviour of a leading airline. Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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U.S. government reminds airlines they're responsible for damaged luggage https://mashable.com/2015/12/07/damaged-baggage-claim-delta-united/?europe=true


Hello, This incident is pure ignorance of passenger rights. There are some international law agreements like Warsaw or Montreal convention to handle such baggage damage claim. And Airline is liable to pay the damages.


Please read my review about Emirates Airline irresponsible response and careless behaviour.https://emirates-airlines.pissedconsumer.com/worst-airline-in-the-world-cares-you-not-your-baggage-201802151190135.html


Unfortunately Emirates is showing very irresponsible attitude and running away from the responsibility. They are responsible for baggage damage but not they don’t care if it’s broken by their ground handling agency or their own employees.

Question is why is this attitude towards passenger valuables. Many of passenger even do not complain because they know that Airline keep them in loop and loop and end of the day they will waist their time.

Airline doesn’t care if one passenger is suffered and lost his valuables because of Airline careless and irresponsible behaviour. I think they don’t answerable to any aviation authorities for baggage.

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