I recently flew on Emirates with my then 9month old from Nairobi to Houston with a stopover in Dubai. Getting to Houston I find out that my sons stroller is lost. Fill out appropriate paperwork and the wait begins. After two weeks of waiting I am informed that stroller is lost and they can send a replacement. I tell them unless its the exact same one that will not be possible as I have bought some attachments for it. So I told ok we will look into refund and it would take a few weeks. I say ok and go ahead and get a stroller in the meantime as I need one. After 30 I get a canal and am told we found your stroller. I am happy with that but I inquire if I will be allowed to take the new stroller back with me. I am informed that I will have to call closer to my departure date. I have meanwhile sent an email to customer service in NY

Fast forward to this week.. I am trying to see if I can be allowed to bring my stroller that I had to purchase as extra luggage and FINALLY receive an email

Further to your email and telephone conversation with my colleague as previously stated we will not be able to grant your request as to permit excess baggage for your return flight.


I am very disappointed with this airline

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