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After leaving a voice message in the Dubai office and NY office, followed by an email for "" and obviously no response from anybody, finally I am sharing my experience with masses: I wrote the following email as is, the only thing I am taking out is my personal information.


My name is XXXX and I travelled with my family (Wife and 2 years old son) through Emirates Airline from LAX to DBX and DBX to KHI and returned through the same route. My Booking Reference number was "XXX"

I would like to share my experience with the management and my expectation is that the customer's voice will be heard and some action will be taken to avoid such occurances with the passengers in future.

My first flight from LAX to DBX was scheduled on January 23rd at 4 pm PST. The flight number was "EK 216".The flight was delayed by more than 4 hours. I understand that the delay was because of weather conditions in Dubai, however I would like to bring this to your attention that nobody mentioned the delay during the time boarding card was issued and it was very hectic to be on the airport for extended time with a 2 year old child. I would like to mention that during the flight, the service was good and I appreciate it very much.

My second flight from DXB to KHI was scheduled on January 28th at 9:40 am local time in Dubai. The flight number was "EK 606". The flight was cancelled because of technical issues. We had to wait 5 hours on the airport until the next flight. This is the part that I would definitely like your attention. Several passengers overheard the staff talking that since the flight was pretty much empty, as usual we had to merge the two flights. After hearing this, I would assume anybody that understands customer service, would never like to fly through Emirates.

Few facts that are worth noticing during this chaotic situation. The Gate number that was shared on the boarding pass to catch the flight, interestingly was changed. There was no message on the Gate that a new gate number is assigned for this flight that is pretty much all they way on the other end of the terminal. My rough estimate is that more than 70 passengers were waiting at that gate for the boarding process to start. Until it was 30 minutes remaining for the flight time, me and my wife asked for some information around and found out that the gate has been changed without any notification. All the passengers had to run to the other gate to catch the flight. It was a chaotic situation and a result of it, the flight was further delayed for almost an hour because a number of passengers were still trying to figure out where they had to go to catch the flight. This was extremely inconvenient and we were not expecting this kind of communication chaos from a world class airline.

Our next flight was from KHI to DXB on February 15th. The flight number was "EK 605". This time around again the flight was delayed by 50 minutes. The customer service experience in Karachi was the worst in my life. The staff was not curteous, they were not wearing name tags otherwise I would have absolutely shared their names with the management. My wife and son were issued the boarding pass all the way to the US after 2 and half hours of waiting, complaining and going through embarassement and humiliation. My wife insisted to find out what is the process and if there is any information that we can provide to expedite this process because our child was crying and nobody cared about it. Eventually they issued me (Adeel Ahmed) a boarding pass for Dubai and mentioned that I have to figure out a way in Dubai to get the boarding pass for the flight to LAX. When the boarding pass was finally issued to me, we had only 10 minutes to catch the flight and we still had to go through immigration and security. It took us another 45 minutes because the lines were huge and security checking took forever. If the boarding passes were issued in a timely manner we didn't have to go through this miserable situation with a child.

It doesn't end here, last minute before boarding the aircraft, another team member from Emirates stopped us and mentioned that we need to pay $175 because we are carrying additional bag as check in luggage. We never came across this in past. It was the same carry on items that we brought from the US to Dubai and from Dubai to Karachi. I am going to mention the facts again. The gentlemen mentioned that we can only have 3 pieces. The diaper bag is an additional item and we must pay for it, else we have to leave one of they carry on. My wife mentioned that the baby food and diapers are in this bag and we need that for the flight. We opened the bags for him and showed that all we were carrying was baby toys for our son's entertainment in those small carry on bags. The gentlemen started yelling and said either you listen to me or you will miss your flight. It was very embarassing, even some of the people around mentioned that this is extremely unprofessional the way you are talking to the customers and worst of all the diaper bag is allowed when you have a baby.

Another passenger passed by with a carry on and a laptop bag and I questionned the gentlemen from Emirates Airline that he can take a laptop bag and we can't take a diaper bag and he mentioned that it is none of your business and please do as I requested, either leave the bag or pay $175. I opened up two carry on bags and merged the items into one bag while sitting on the floor and my wife was extremely upset about this situation. Afterwards I handed over one of the bags to the gentlemen and mentioned that you can keep this bag, now I have 2 carry on bags and one diaper bag only. I can't mention the words here that he used in URDU to me as it is against my dignity and told me that you can now take all three bags and the diaper bag. This was very frustrating and my wife decided after that she will never fly through emirates in her life again after all these embarassing situations that she had to face being a paid customer.

We were able to receive the boarding pass for myself in Dubai with the same documents that I presented in Karachi without any problem in Dubai. The staff in the flight from Dubai to LA was very curteous and we enjoyed our flight.

Overall, it was an extremely disappointing experience that our family experienced while travelling through Emirates Airline. We would not recommend anybody to utilize Emirates services unless somebody acknowledges the humiliation and suffering we had to go through during this trip. I tried my best to share the facts and note share our emotions in this email and we are hoping that somebody at Emirates cares about the customer experience, after all the airline spends millions of dollars in recruiting and training costs and it is evident from our experience that they are going in vain.

We can be reached for any questions via email or at the following numbers:

I am not sharing my number, but with my name and flight numbers, management can certainly reach out to us if they "CARE".

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

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I have also had the experience where i submitted proof for a refunded ticket that they acknowledged as being veritable. Well almost a year and 4 months later I had to retain a lawyer to pursue the claim that they would not honor although they were supposed to , according to their own policy..I was only reimbursed after I pursued litigation. Very tricky Airlines.


I am afraid now, since I have a flight from Jeddah to JFK via DXB next week...

Hope to have a better experience...

Best of luck next time buddy.

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