Liverpool, England

I always choose emrites airways to travel but this time I had long transit in dubi and I had hotel voucher and when arrived to the arrival hall I asked in emrites desk about where is the hotel and the emrites took my passport without telling me anything what she will do and when I told her that am only asking about the hotel. She said I know what am doing and you have to wait and it will take time and when I asked why you taking my passport and hotel vouchers she replays again this my job and its the law I told her I don't need anything from as this not the first time I came here and I don't need any thing from you such visa.. As am British man and no need for visa and just want the direction for the hotel. She said no in silly way. You will need a visa and she kept me waiting for two hours in the waiting area and when I askd her why you doing this. She said this is my job and the law been change recently. But after all this waiting time she gave my passport and when I been with migration control man in the counter I asked him if what the girl done to me under the imgration rules. He said no imgration rules applied to me because am holding British passport and nothing that girls from emrites must to do to me as she is not imgration officers and she is only emrites agent and I have the proof about what am saying as am emtites frequent flyer and that made me very bad bad bad and hate to travel by emrites again. As we were two passenger at time and same situation Could you please invistgate about this and I will take this cases further and further as if I don't have reply. I will put this case to everyone and every department and orgs and Facebook and net and all the social communication ways

Please if you need any information contact me


Mr sadiq


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Yeah defo indian with a british passport. You do need a visa mate, all brits do.

Just because you get it on arrival and with a stamp doesnt mean its not a visa. Please dont put british peoples reputation in the dirt by flashing your british passport and expecting people to jump out of your way. You;re british now learn manners and how to *** that is the british way.

Its no excuse if she was rude however you have no idea how many people like you she has to deal with in a shift.

On top of which constantly harrassing the poor girl is going to illicit a short tempered and abrasive response... she's only human.


If you are a British man as you say, then i suppose u should have better English.

Are you in any chance an INDIAN with a British passport?

Cause the way you talk reminds me very much of the Indian taxi drivers in Dubai.


She must not tell u its visa...the time you spent there is until they fix the hotel accomodation for you as its not that fast procedure as its a big number of passengers..transport and which emirates customer services that person will be held accountable for this unproffessional treatment. She didnt tell you you all of this as she was busy mostly and have no time to keep answering what is she doing all the time. Bt even though its nt the way to work.

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