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Shall I call it a shock or incident, shall I say what happened was new management procedure in customer handling or a one staff action. Unfortunately I can’t say it was one staff attitude and behavior because many things were involved.

My family and I believed that Emirates Airlines is one of the top best organizations in the world, but, our last experience doesn’t seem so.

As a father I will defend and support my kids to the last breath, especially when they feel the fear and am not close to them to change that.

My daughter was traveling from Bahrain to Manchester on your airlines. She reached Dubai and went to the gate mentioned on the boarding card. It seems that the gate was changed and my daughter didn’t notice that for one reason or another although she was at the gate specified on the boarding card. This is her first time traveling alone which makes it a bit difficult to her, but, the airport crow should have gone the extra step by walking to the old gate and check any missing passengers who could not read or hear or notice and this is the first place they should look for passengers at. Unfortunately this seems has not happened which led to offload my daughter baggage. Here the worries started because she missed the flight and we were not with her, imagine the feeling how will be like, definitely afraid and worried which makes me very upset with emirates airlines handling methods.

The misery doesn’t end here. It continues after we talked to our daughter and asked her to book on the next flight. Regardless of the plane situation, my daughter has the right to be put on the waiting list at least. Here the real misery started and gone through a very bad experience with the airline that suppose to be one of the best in the world. The staff at the check in counter informed my daughter that she will be put on the waiting list on both coming flights and she has to come back one hour before departure to check if seat become available. After 5 hours of worries and trying to get a room in the airport hotel, shaikha my daughter went back as requested and discovered that the staff at the counter did not put her on waiting list at all, when Shaikha my daughter asked why was that not done as promised, the employee (Rensee, asian national) responded very badly which made us think we were dealing with another airline not yours. Shaikha asked why you are talking in this way the other staff (philippina) said it’s alright trying to cover up (in a good way) the bad customer service the other staff was practicing on us. After a while the same counter staff unfortunately started to be rude when handling the case as she got a seat for my daughter. Rensee shouted or was too loud talking to my daughter when asking for the documents (you may ask the philippina other staff as she was available. Rensee took the passport and the credit card then when she finished with them she thrown them in insulting way on the counter that no one will accept specially from emirates airlines. This is not last, the baggage was there and my daughter was informed that it will be with her on the plane but it was not sent with her which makes me believe that was purposely done by Rensee your staff which I don’t understand why.

What we went through from worries, insult, delay, bad treatment, bad customer service, bad awareness, and waste of time and money was not expected from Emirates airlines especially when we are both sky world members.

As a business man I would never accept such employee representing me at the front with this attitude and skills. This has created a real bad experience to me and my daughter who is in her beginning of life where she will if god wish build a family and have kids and travel. She will be sharing her experience she went throw with your airlines at the university for sure, one day she will be asked at the classes the normal question about one bad experience anyone went through, what you think will come to her mind at that moment.

I reached to a stage of denial that this is happened by your airlines, I can’t believe it, I reached to angriness having my daughter treated this way making hear fear while am far away from her. Believe me I was going to fly to her to sort it out and make sure my daughter is comfortable and feeling secured.

Continuation to the bad experience, now the baggage is at Dubai airport, my daughter is in Leeds. She was informed that the baggage will be sent to her to Leeds. Attached is the reference number for the claim.

Finally this situation has put us all in transformation mode knowing that this will not be noticed in terms of business at your end but it will be big for us sharing it. Our loyalty goes to our country and the gulf for sure and it hurts when we are forced to deal with other companies because of customer service that is very important in this field.

I hope this message reaches the management to know what is happening at the front desk by some staff if as I said at the beginning this is not a practice of the airline with all passengers.

Mahmood Aldismal

EK 321049794


Passenger :

Shaikha Aldismal

Ref BD6PZ6

Bahrain to Manchester

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

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Mr. Aldismal, please do not give out your daughter's name and her airline booking reference on a public website like this.

Anyone can use it to log in to the Emirates website and see and even change your daughter's booking. Please be careful and responsible about such information.


Thank you. Noted.

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