Paris, Ile-De-France

Today a guest was flying from Dubai to Paris in EK 571 on 15th Jan 2013. His seat No was 7D.

It was very unfortunate that the TV Screen with his seat was not working in the flight. He registered his complain with the flight attendant whose name is Mr Pablo. Though the attendant tried to rectify it but still he was unable to do it.

Hence it was very boring for the guest to travel with out the TV working.

It is very disheartning as this type of service is not expected from Emirates, so the airline should take instant step to rectify it and infuture should check all the TV screens before the flight departs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight Attendant.

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read the other comments theyre absolutely right. And more often than not passengers will be informed or compensated prior to boarding the flight and GUESS WHAT? 9/10 will say i dont care about the screen i just want to get on the flight!!!


Oh say Mr Pablo tried to help but could not fix the screen.Maybe because he is not an engineer. And maybe the screen was working when they checked it before takeoff.

(Just to add, ALL screens are checked before boarding, by playing the safety video on them, to make sure this important feature will be available for everybody to see.)However 7K is a Business Class seat. Emirates Business class has several Magazines and newspapers to entertain you for a long period of time, and i am sure he was offered to make use of those magazines.


The airline " should check all the TV screens before the flight departs"???

Clearly you have no understanding of how the aviation industry operates. Sometimes a plane lands, and within an hour or two departs again. There is just usually enough time for the aircraft to be cleaned and for the cabin crew to perform safety and security checks. If engineers were required to ensure that each entertainment system was working before departure that would result in unnecessary delays. So use your common sense. Its all about priorities: 1 passenger missing out on a movie, or 350 people experiencing delays?

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