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My Emirates Flight EK122 to Dubai arrived 00.40 from Istanbul and my connecting Flight EK 406 was not due to leave until 10.10am Emirates timetable.

Over 10 hours between and I was refused a bed. I had no local money, they wanted $185 USD for a bed, I offered my MasterCard, and Prepaid Cash Passport Card Euro, both used regularly, their machine would not accept either. There was no duty of care. Exhausted I collapsed into a chair, freezing, and without sleep, food, or drink.

Struggling from lift to lift, floor to floor. From Hotel Desk 5th and 6th floor, to Ground floor Arrivals, Emirates desks on many floors, through Security checks, pushing myself throughout the night in my attempt to get a bed. I was abused by Security staff, refusing to return my documents, they were manhandling my documents, my Boarding Pass was torn. I was denied boarding, humiliated into sitting and watching ALL passengers file past me. The plane was late and all eyes were on me, the last to board, all the way to my seat 47A at the back of the place.

No instructions were given in English before landing for Transit Passengers.

Before boarding next plane I searched for a shower, eyes red raw and in the same clothing, a boy wanted $50 for a shower, again the machine would not accept my Mastercard or Cash Passport Card. Suffering dehydration, constant coughing, conjunctivitis, loss of hearing, and chest pains, no food or drink, spending a freezing night searching for a bed, Crew on Flight 406 the next morning were so shocked, they have sent report to Emirates Customer Care Dubai. Captain was in the galley at the time, and he was shocked at the disgraceful behaviour and attitude of Emirates staff.

Further insult my suitcases security was unlocked, and strap missing, along with sequinned top and long skirt.

Kindly let me know what do I do, compensation is due, I have medical bills and unable to do my normal duties. I believe compensation is due, and I am getting the run around. I have health problems and costs due to Emirates refusing Transit passenger a bed. I was told; I was only Economy Class, you do not get a bed or anything. Told by Emirates desk, to try a space on the carpeted floor of Business Class, economy class get nothing, refused a shower, refused a drink, refused any food, and treated like a criminal for asking. I left from Istanbul they do not deal in Dubai money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight Attendant.

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