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due to a 13 hour delay (7 hours sitting on the tarmac) my wife missed her onward flight to Kuching - Emirates told her that her situation had been flagged up to Malaysian airlines and she and her bags would be on the first available flight - only they didn't, so she had to collect her bags and buy a new ticket! So I wrote to Tim Clark (Chief Executive) by attaching a letter to an email addressed to Customer Affairs - I received a "not our fault" letter despite asking why passengers delayed so long received NOTHING (they even had to pay for their own coffee in the terminal building) and an offer of 5000 air miles - I re-sent the letter asking for it to be forwarded to Mr Clark as it was addressed personally to him - apparently his staff protect him from the real world so still no response - I now send the email and letter on a daily basis to an ever-widening audience and will continue to do so until I get a response. Note - I have not asked for ANY compensation, only the basic courtesy of an explanation. The email I send with the letter says

"Dear Ms Dcruz

Thank-you for your email, the content of which is noted. Whilst I appreciate that you believe your response is on behalf of the airline, I must point out that my letter was addressed to Tim Clark, not to the airline. I still wish to have an acknowledgement that my personal correspondence has been forwarded to him.

On another matter, you state " May I assure you that we have thoroughly reviewed the matter after receiving detailed reports and whilst we understand your wife's disappointment and concerns, we are unable to improve upon the gesture of goodwill offered previously." I find this deeply offensive - I have asked for nothing from you or your airline - the original offer of a "gesture of goodwill" was insulting in itself - I find it incredible that, having pointed out to you my feelings concerning your insult, you would treat a customer in this way.

For your information the matter is not closed - I will continue to forward my correspondence to an ever-widening audience until I have an assurance that my letter has been seen by Mr Clark - after that, it will be up to him whether to respond to me or not."

Let's see if this makes any difference!

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