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Subject: Terrible Experience with Emirates staff at Frankfurt Airport - Mr. Tobias

Reference: PNR - ENCFEB & FW73HF (FRA to DXB)

I, Subramanian Odayappan and my wife travelled in Emirates flight EK048 from Frankfurt to Dubai on 24-Dec-2012.

Check-in Baggage allowance is 30kgs each.

We had different PNR and made a combined check-in.

58 kgs - Check in – 4 pieces

8.5 kgs - Cabin 1

8.5 kgs - Cabin 2

2 laptop bags

Emirates Staff Ms. Jasmine at Check-in counter took the check-in baggage and then checked the cabin baggage weight. She mentioned that the cabin bags are slightly in excess but it is OK and issued the boarding pass. At the boarding gate, we were asked to re-check the baggage weight of cabin bags. Emirates Staff Mr. Tobias asked to put all the baggage including laptops and it was 24kgs.

He (Mr. Tobias) ordered "Pay €360 for excess baggage, otherwise you don't fly"

When I asked “why and how €360”, Emirates staff responded in different language. He was able to speak good English, but he intentionally spoke in different language (either Russian or German). Staff mentioned frequently "Don't play with me". He was not even listening to what we say.

While asking to explain why €360, he moved to the next passenger and made us to wait for 15-20 minutes. He threatened multiple times that you will not fly today and started saying that you have 5 minutes to pay. He denied listening to us and started counting down as 5 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute and 30 seconds. He also mentioned that if you don't pay and continue to play with me, I will call the airport police. He treated us as criminals and not as guests.

I tried communicating that laptops are not to be considered in Baggage limits. Then he did a new calculation in his mind and told a make final payment of €180.

Again no reasoning of how he made the new calculation.

We were forced to agree for payment of €180. I accepted since we didn't want to lose our self-respect in front of a rude unpleasant staff. I provided my credit card for the payment. After 15-20 minutes, we received a receipt for €180 asking for a signature. Before signing it, I went through the receipt and asked if the number of kilograms is mentioned in it. Staff did not respond to us but he walked away saying to his colleague that these 2 passengers are not flying today.

After signing the receipt, we asked if we can go now to board the flight. Staff responded “Do you also want to be checked in your next flight? I will mark your names and you will be checked again in Dubai” (We made a stop-over in Dubai for few days and then travel to Chennai).

Emirates Airline is having a good reputation in International travel and I had a great respect and confidence on Emirates services and its hospitality. After this terrible experience, it was totally washed out. I doubt whether I will take chance to fly again with Emirates in the future, because of the way he has given mental agony to me and my wife.

I posted this complaint in Emirates Website twice on 30 Dec 2012 and 6 Jan 2013, but received no response from them so far. I expect Emirates airlines to look into this issue and take necessary action on the officer. Also I’m expecting compensation from the carrier.



Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight Attendant.

Monetary Loss: $240.

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When complaining here you try to look as if you were innocent sheep, but back then in there i am sure that it was your behaviour or disrespectful attitude that made that guy so upset. You must REALLY REALLY upset a person in any customer service job, to talk to you like that, if it is even true.


i'm flyng with emirates always , never happent this ,indian nationality are always carring excess , because are travelling as moving the house , and nobody can force to pay , go and lie someone else ,u always complaining and disrespect people , emirates is the best company , and better u don't fly anymore , cause will don't have to smell how stinky are some people;)

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