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I was really disappointed in the service that I received with my last Emirates travel. I flew from Karachi, Pakistan to Istanbul, Turkey via Dubai on January 11th, 2013.

I am a US citizen and was going to catch a flight from Istanbul back to Chicago, IL with KLM. Our plane from Karachi was delayed for over 30 minutes. I only had an hour and fifteen minutes stop in Dubai before my connecting flight leaved for Turkey. As I got out of the plane in Dubai, the Marhaba services gathered me on the side and told me to wait for them to take me to the connecting flight.

I waited for over 15 minutes with them even though I told them that my flight would leave. They told me not to worry as they said it was their job to get me to the connecting flight. We decided to leave as a group with people from other connecting flights who were going to Gatwick and Johannesburg even though they had time for their flights. After slowly walking through the Dubai airport, the lady at Marhaba services received a call and told us that we had missed our flights.

She told us to go to customer service as she walked away with the rest of the group. We went to talk to customer service to help us arrange a new flight for us. The customer rep tried to push us to take the next flight out the next day as he said this was the only option. I told him I had a connecting flight with KLM in 12 hours and this was not an option.

He told me to talk to my travel agent as this was not his fault. After pleading with him for 30 minutes, he was able to re-route our itinerary by taking a Gulf Air Airlines to Istanbul via Bahrain. We agreed with this but we were scared that we would miss our flight again as our stop in Bahrain was for only 90 minutes. I asked him if Emirates could do anything with the route and he rejected us.

I had paid for Emirates and was reluctant to go on another airline. But we agreed as we had no other option.

I just wanted to inform you guys and lodge a complaint about this whole mess up.

The amount of poor service that I received and the level of stress that I had to go through was ridiculous. This isn't the Emirates customer service that everyone talks about.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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He helped u the max he could he connected you with another airlines even and you next flight is after 12 hours what do u expect the staff to do...carry u to istanbul or wht...he did wht he can if he rejected u he would put u next flight to ist. And thats his bad way of treatment yet giving you your right..if he can do more why he did less..and if ur a pakistani with US pspt u dont think your now barrak obama ...the service was perfect and stress is natural not forseen event that is in no1's control. Be fair staff are human nt ur slaves.

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