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Was anyone else in the Emirates Airport in Dubai on Wednesday, January 23? I spent 13 hours trying to get a connection flight out of there that day and still cannot believe what actually happened. No staff was available to explain what was going on except that many planes were left in the air or grounded in the am because of fog. Rumor had it that there whole ticket booking system had crashed so their ability to give new tickets to the hundreds of passengers who had missed flights was minimal.

The scene was horrific. People arriving from long flights were arriving and standing in lines that weren't moving and were unsupervised.... no water, no food, no information, no assistance. The lines were vague and people started yelling, crying and fighting. I was in a line for 6 hours and when I got close to the counter, the employee left the line with no replacement and everyone had to go to the end of another line and start over. I had already been on two long flights from Los Angeles before I got there. You had to walk a long way to find food, no directions, and you would loose your space in the line. I wandered around the airport to find help or information about what to do, but I could only find two other long desks of lines with the same problem. Waited in new lines for another 6 hours and the same thing happened... the employee abandoned the line without a replacement! By now, I had seen an elderly woman collapse and faint. We gave her water and candy and had to yell repeatedly to staff to call medical help. They did arrive about 15 minutes later. I went back to find food and then returned to find a new line. Another lady faints in the line at the window in front of me and her husband was crying.

At about 10:30 that night I started walking as far away from that terminal as I possibly could.... it's a huge airport. I found British Airways in another terminal who gave me food and water in their lounge and quickly found me a flight to where I was going and I left a few hours later.

There were so many people that I shared those horrible hours with in those lines. I have now heard that the episode continued the next day or two. My short experiences with time in the air with Emirates Airline has been positive.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Fog. .

. well not really anyones fault particularly an airline. As for the staff, well having been in that situation before. for you its a six hour *** and a 15minute barrage at the person at the counter who invariably has been given very little information other than flights delayed until further notice standby.

Followed by being chained to a counter for the next 12 hours being screamed at by passengers over and over and over again to do things you literally cannot do eg upgrades (guess what there isn't a magic button at the staffs disposal they can click and youre automatically upgraded) having hotel rooms, lounges, food drink and especially the power to make planes ***.

Just leave a little sympathy for the staff, the ones in front of you are definitely not the ones with power.


I was there too, the problem with Dubai is it's single runway ops, Emirates is a good airline but with fog at the airport it's like having a snowstorm in SanDiego. Everthing Stops.

I have also sat on a jet in Detroit in a snowstorm for hours waiting to get to a gate with no food and full toilets!! Patience is a required part of airtravel these days, bring a good book, some health bars, an extra battery for your i whatever call your kids and relax.

It could be alot worse..



I was there friend and indeed it was such a horrific experience! It took me at least a few days to recover from the trauma of it all.

I was flying from london to cape town via Dubai and got caught in the same angry mobs as you did. I was so utterly appalled by blasé, slow staff who weren't helping a single person. I spent 10 hours queuing for another flight which, when i eventually got to the counter, was told i couldn't get until the next day even though there were seats available on an earlier flight but only in business class. I asked if seeing as all the trouble they'd put us through couldn't they upgrade me just so I could get out of there but they said I would have to pay the difference.

I wasn't trying to get a better seat I just wanted to get out of that *** hole and I know for a fact any other airline would have upgraded. The whole ordeal was a shocking and horrific experience and apart from my already booked return flight home, I will not be flying with them again. I wish id had the sense to do what you did and find british airways!

I've tried looking for a complaints link but can't seem to find one. If you happen to come across one please let me know!

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