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me and my husband had flew from Dubai to Manchester EK019 on 4 Aug 14 14.35 . i don't like flying and asked if there was any that i could sit next to my husband as we where not sitting together i was told to take my seat and someone would come and see me and sort it out my husband was sitting in 33J and i was 25F but no one came to see me and other passengers where moved so they could have better seats and one man didn't want to sit in the middle seats and was upgraded, i was not happy about this and when i asked the stewardess she said that there was nothing she could do for me and i had to stay where i was, through out the flight my husband kept coming to see if i was ok and i was very upset and just wanted the flight to be over, the hostess kept telling my husband to take is seat and he explained that i don't like flying and i was upset but there said that there was nothing they could do for me.

my husband asked on several occasions about the air miles and was told he needed a code no one bought the code and was not explained how it works. The staff on that flight where not customer focused and where rude and one of the male staff had dropped my drink in my food and didn't even apologize for it i did not eat my food has it was covered in water.

i was very bad flight and was so pleased when i could get of the plane. i think some of the staff need better customer service skills.

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It's the airport too the staff in check in need a lesson in customer service they should be monitored and evaluated on the job. Had bad experience coming into the country and even worse returning to Heathrow, they think they own the place, helped my wife move over alone and the guy started shouting who said you can do that you think this is your airport, mate I just wanna get out of this *** country and return back to mine.

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