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I was looking for a place to share my recent experience with emirates airlines and I found this with a wish that some of the emirates management staff will see through this. I am a frequent traveller across europe and north america in almost every month.

But I have never experienced this level of courtesy. I was travelling with EK 180 on December 20th and seated at the last row of the aircraft.They served me the meal at the very end as I was seated in the last row. I was using my personal headphone and started my meal. after good 5 mins, I felt someone patting on my shoulder.

As I removed my headphone one of the cabin crew told me that I need to give her some space so that she can take the tray for the meal. Without asking my permission if I was finished with the food or not, she took the tray dropping the glass full of apple juice on my crotch. I was not prepared for this kind of behavior from a cabin crew. So I just took some tissue from my pocket and cleaned myself.


Then they realize that they served food to the last row just a few min earlier. So, she started taking those tray from the front rows.

I can say that the staffs onboard were clearly out of their league,ILL MANNERED, UNPROFESSIONAL and should be RETRAINED.Emirates airline need to retrain their staff and stop such unprofessional action onboard before they malign the company's name further.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Emirates Airlines Cons: Ran out of meals, Flight attendant, Poor customer service.

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