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When all you want is to work for Emirates and go through their gruelling on-line assessment application. Reach the assessment centre and go through 3 days full of others wanting the same thing.

But you wanting it more and having worked hard to secure the right type of impressions and expereince to suit Emirates. You reach the 3rd day with others but only 12 of you from over 100+ invited to the last days 1-2-1 interviews. Just one thing - are Emirates interviers experienced at what they do or simply taking advantage of a visa given Emirates recruite alot of Russian ladies. The 1-2-1 was semi professional with goading questioning somewhat misleading.

But hard and enjoyable to feel success. Wait 4-6 weeks then be rejected. An email went to spam such an important email to me. Then when I enquired as to their decision as negative as an ant I was told an email had been sent try Spam and the phone went dead.

Thank you recruitment people in London for your compasion and support. Heart broken I asked and asked for feedback. Where had I gone wrong. Every email ignored, none of my 12 letters answered!

No feedback given. Until someone I know and in the know!! Asked the question and I was told to Self Reflect on the day. What a completely unehlpful negative and unprofessional response.

Basically get lost!! How can you make better something when you really do not have a clue where it all went wrong! Emirates should be ashamed of themselves for being so repugnant to their fans. You should support the young applicant .

The potential of Emirates. Theres no self reflection to be had here simply mis managed recruitment processes.

I was selelcted and now working for BA. Yes BA no problems and exceptional fair and caring airline.

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don't cry over spilled was not meant to be. The recruitment process is what it is and they are in control of are at their a lot of companies out there....move on you have already done


Yson?ou cannot connect with any HR EMIRATES. They all fob you off and pretend its not with them.

None of them offering to forward any enquiry of letter email or message, What a bunch of people do they employ in HR. Why when you get to the very end of the recruitment process, feeling the fear pressure and worked so hard - dont Emirates change their NO feedback policy. How does one fail? What did I do so wrong?

Why didnt my interviewer smile, recognise talent ask misguided dragging questions. The potential of Emirates future employees rests in the hand of what sort of per

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