Dubai, Dubai

Firstly we were asked to take a later(2am) flight after driving 2 hours to the airport- declined, proceeded through the luggage drop off etc. we were then called to the Emirates desk and again asked to take a later flight as they were overbooked, we again declined.

On board they ran out of chicken ( I do not eat fish) for our 2 rows of seats, the hostie said she would look for meals. She never came back- after about 45 mins we managed to find her and she had totally forgotten. She then took another 20 mins to bring us what assorted meals she could find. An hour later I ended up with the fish meal so I had no dinner.

On the return flight- I preordered meals -as guess what- they ran out of meals so the 2 rows behind us got assorted leftover dishes- with only about a 20 min wait.

The worst event was, 20 hours before our flight home I check our flights and seat booking- all was fine ( our flight were booked more that 4 months in advance).

At the airport I tried to book in and print our boarding pass- is said 'seats can not be allocated- go to the desk'. This we did and were told we had been SELECTED to go on standby!

Luckily we were booking in just as the counter opened so after waiting ( and fuming) for 20min while she made constant phone attempts,we were allocated seats right up the back of the plane- where we never choose yo sit as it is a rougher ride.

So why is it acceptable to overbook a plane and have customers PAY for a seat and then, have Emirates decide to give your seat to someone else.

How is that fair or ethical.

I was so disappointed by our treatment on both flights with Emirates-the worst flying experience we have ever had.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Emirates Airlines Pros: Seats.

Emirates Airlines Cons: Ran out of meals, Selected for standby, Targeted for standby, Reallocating our seats, Shares flight with qantas.

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Emirates Airlines probably spend more on marketing than actually training professional staff as they always overpraise and under deliver.

This is the 3rd bad experience I Have had with their rude and unresponsive staff and even worse the supervisors never ever can resolve any issues and simply repeat what the staff have repeated (thats the definition of a supervisor to them!)

Every once in a while and if you keep your head down and don't complain about the service, you might actually feel they gave you your moneys worth. But if you ever have a complaint, there is nothing democratic about this airline and they will bull and push you around until you wish you never complained at all. Two thumbs down


Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. I'm a frequent flyer and oddly enough I've never had a bad experience with Emirates.

Plenty with other airlines though. I suppose that it's all a bit of a lottery really.

If you fly in Europe you do actually have some recourse if you're bumped from an overbooked flight. You can claim compensation from the airline if that's the case.

You have a couple of options - you can do it yourself directly with the airline ( or you can go through a claims agent - I went through ( and they worked well. You can get a bit of money back, which doesn't return you your time but it does go some way towards to making up for the inconvenience.


If its like most airlines - you buy a seat, and are not guaranteed that specific seat (yes they mislead you into thinking you get a choice when you make a selection on their fancy websites), bottom line is that unless you fly in Business and 1st Class, you are at their the fine print.

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