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On 05th Sept'13 I caught the Emirates flight for Kol-Dubai & then Dubai to Dublin. Through out the way the meal& beverages was not served to me properly,the monitor & head phone was not working properly and moreover the attention of the air hostesses towards the EC passengers were not very appreciating. It was like as if the EC passengers have boarded the flight at free of cost. In hindu meal they have served something which was stale and served beef too. Moreover, at the time of seat allotment they keep some seat for their choice of people no matter how early you check in, you will never going to get those good seats. It is very surprising that though they boast of giving good & variety of food in flight but in reality the option is very limited and highly limited for Veg people, veg people only have greens (leaf) in their plate.

Over all I am not satisfied with the servies provided by the Emirates and as I worked for MNC bank, most of my friends who have traveled with Emirates shared almost same experiences.



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Mr LTCC might have got decent behavior from Emirates but, I personally felt that Raj & Deep has some genuine grievance & I know some of my friends have also received such unprofessional behavior from Emirates.


John S Smith.


What are these supposedly good seats care to elaborate? Check in opens online 24hours prior to the flight abd emergency exit seats are blocked to ensure people who are fit and able to sit on those seats do. That assesment is carried out at the airport on a first come first served basis they are not reserved for neone.They served beef in a hindu meal? I highly doubt that. And the vegetarian meal had nothing but vegetables in it?!?! I'm shocked...

As for the cabin crews attention, you do seem to forget there are 400other oassengers on the plane who all paid same as you and all want something if you want their undivided attention pay for business or first class your expectation exceed the reality of your trip its called ECONOMY class for heavens sake.

And as for you working for an mnc, couldnt give a flying monkeys tbh you paud the same as everyone else you are treated the same just cos you work for a big company does not mean the family with small children next to you shoukd receive worse service

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #723699

Long Story Short - As a DoD contractor working in Afghaistan I rouinely flew Emirates from Dubai to Manila and back atleast on 9 occassions over a three year period - both (Business and Coach)....and NEVER, NOT Once did i have a bad experience. they are to me one of the preimere airlines going.....if you think they were substandard...try flying an american airline.

Dont know what to make of your EC comment...I never got any attitude from the staff for being American....Maybe you just expect to much. As for the food - its a glad you got a meal...

are phasing them out on US Airlines or you have to pay an arm and a leg. And what does you working for MNC Bank have anything to do with this.....again, I think you think you are special.....and you are not

to LTCC Delhi, Delhi, India #725510

I also agree with Deep's comment and more so he has narrated his experience...I also have almost similar kind of are lucky that you have got proper service and you are appreciating the same it's good....but that does not mean just because you have got good treatment other will also get the same.pls try to respect the opinions of others...I hope you are not aware of the fact that the cost of food is included in the air fare so providing food on air is not a favour from Emirates...this air business companies gets lots of booking from these they should treat their clients' representatives a more well mannered way ..I think Deep has probably wanted to mean that by saying that MNC phrase.



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