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I am a big fan of Emirates airlines but my experience in the last two times I travelled has not been the best. I did not get any meal on my flight from Dubai to JFK, New York.

I have to survive on croissant, rolls & fruits. Apparently they ran out of food. I can understand if this happened just once, but it happened 2 times on the same flight. The lady(stewardess) did not even have the courtesy to apologize.

My baggage was lost for over a day. I got it after one & a half days. I thought it was gone.

On my flight from JFK to Dubai, I was forced to eat vegetarian food as they ran out of Chicken meal. I feel that I should be compensated for the agony I went through.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

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I dont think you "have" to survive on croissant, rolls & fruits, there are duty free shops in the airport for you to buy your own food :)


You always get whats on the menu: either choice. It NEVER happens that they dont have anything for you.

What agony is, when crew goes and offers you 3 different meals of their own crew meals, and none of them are good enough for you, or they have 5 unhappy people that take their meals and then that IS agony to work without a meal for the remaining 10 hours of the flight, or having to eat the leftovers from passengers.It is not written anywhere that crew have to offer you their meal yet they often do, to make you happy. They dont announce it so you dont feel bad. They go the extra mile quietly, and then you shout at them. After a few years, do you think they will go the extra mile when they know you will shout at them anyway?

I tell you an example i witnessed: the lady wanted to have a chicken, and loudly demanded it.

The crew went to get it from business class.The lady did not pay for business class meal at the time of booking, and it is clearly stated on the menu card that occassionally your choice might not be available. After this lady got her business class chicken meal, she shouted at the crew that she had to wait and other passengers nearly finished their meals by the time hers arrived from business.

The crew was nearly crying, having done the extra mile running up to business class in the middle of a busy service, and then the passenger continued shouting at her,even after getting her chicken from a higher class in a porcelain plate.Guess this is why they get tired of all these food issues, imagine, they listen to this whining every day, and then being shouted at for everything: for the check in difficulties, for paying extra baggage, for flight delay, for not having meal choices, for bad weather, for the *** passenger next to you, and they every day stand there in front of you while you shout at them and blame them for all different issues that they dont have power or authority to change. No wonder that after few years they loose interest and just stand there and close their ears when numerous people approach them to shout at them.


emirates is outsourcing thievies and they eat the food before the flight , as they work on very low salary for 27 days a month mostly 12 hours a day for just 150$ a month , i guess then they steal catering food from the aircraft




You call not having the meal of your choice "agony"??! You clearly don't know what agony is :grin Real in-flight agony is what the cabin crew go through each day while trying to please demanding, rude and ungrateful passengers


At £3000 I expect to get what's on the menu! If one got premium service having paid premium rate, then there would be no rude or ungrateful passengers. I would suggest you're in the wrong job.

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