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My mother travellled from Dubai to India from Emirates Airlines flight took off at 3:00 PM (Dubai Time) on 24th August,2013 but Its very sad to mention this that she was not offered meal on board...She was told that Veg food is finished and she was left with only glass of juice & salad..How can you treat old people in your flight like this..She is 63 years old and travelled without food...very bad customer service provided by so called leading airlines...Please do not ask old parents to travel by this airlines...and I would say do not opt for this airlines ...Low cost airlines provide much better treatment then Emirates Airlines..

I paid such a good price to Emirates Airlines but getting this kind of treatment , I must say that I want Emirates Airlines to refund my money...

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

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If your mother has such strict and inflexible dietary guidelines, and you didn't communicate this to the airline while purchasing a ticket, then all of the fault lies with you and your mother -- not the airline.


Surprise surprise...another complaint from a flight going to/from the sub continent. let me guess you got a British/US passport??

You want a refund, well tough luck it is not going to happen. She will have been offered a meal - the crew dont look through the cabin and say "hmmm...I'm not going to offer him and her a meal because I dont like the look of them" because on these flights that would happen all the time :D

First learn to write English properly.

Then learn what you are entitled to in conditions of carriage. Then get a ****ing life.


First learn to read properly before sending any comment...We live in good society so do not use bad lines...refer to your last line..I would advise you to take classes before writing and will you good sense to understand any comment in English...


I will reiterate my comment. You question my English and you cant compose a few sentences?

I grew up in the U.K, I went to very good schools so when you cannot even compose "I would advise you to take classes before writing and 'will you good sense to understand' any comment in English - where did you learn to compose?

Bad lines...really? Sounds like you have a few more English lessons to go :) I can well believe that you moved to the U.S from Sub Continent :)


Please take some English classes in US as well it will enhance your communication...Good luck :zzz :grin


I travel with Emirates constantly. I ALWAYS bring my own food.

You ARE allowed to bring food on board.

Emirates DO NOT charge for meals, they are free. So could YOU please read before sending.


Keep bringing your home made food..good luck


If theres no food, theres no food !!! Shall they land the plane somewhere and get some more??

Bring your own ! To be told th veg is finished, means she was offered a meal, just there was any left. As for the salad, passengers dont get salad, its for the crew. Someone gave up their own meal to give to this lady.

I thought people bought airline tickets these days to travel from one place to another?? And you want a refund?

Did you buy the ticket for the meal only??? :(


:sigh :zzz :p I think you do not travel in the airlines for your information own food is not allowed to bring on board. why they charge for the meal on board when they do not have sufficient to offer to the Pax. Do not assume that she was offered the proper meal like other Pax ..My old mother travel without meal..

Thanks for your review but please read it carefully before sending ..


Hahahahahha... yes you are allowed to bring your own food on board FACT.

food is served to all passengers if passenger refuses that meal that does not mean a meal was not served. Read your conditions of carriage before you commebt know your rights.

Honestly people these days have ridiculous expectations be realistic not happy with the frills of being in economy pay for business or first class not happy with emirates please feel free to try air india or any of the esteemed competition and lets see how kuch better off you are with them

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