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Since discovering Emirates, we had been loyal customers, traveling from New York to Tehran every 8 months and looked to take Emirates on other trips where possible.

On our last trip in November 2010, we arrived at the airport 10 minutes later than the cutoff and although the last person was being checked in, they refused to take our luggage and did not allow us to board an empty flight (as stated by the supervisor on duty Lambi Petro). Upon verifying the checkin situation the Friday after our return, we realized that we had been very unlucky to have been on an empty flight, as checkin continued well after the "cutoff" time that night.

We ended up spending the night at the airport and had to go stand by the next morning at 10 AM which gave us a 17 hour layover in Dubai instead of the usual 4.5 hours.

On Saturday, once we paid the $400 "change" fee, they reopened checkin to print our boarding passes (something they said was impossible the night before) and sent us on our way. At this point, Emirates employees dropped the ball. We did not realize this until our return trip.

The ground crew at JFK did NOT rebook our reservation to show the flights we actually took so our return trip got cancelled.

The ground crew in Dubai advised us that our return flights were intact when in fact they were not.

On our return journey, we had to call the US to fix the reservation. It took over 8 hours because "Dubai had to call Tehran!" I will not get into the condition of our minds or physical being during this period.

The US reservations rebooked us on two different flights stating our reservations are still on the same booking number and my husband was already checked in. I tried to check myself in and was not able to do so online.

We arrived 3 hours early at Tehran airport and were told WE had to call Dubai to get us both on the same flight instead of their ground crew in Tehran being able or willing to fix it. WE paid for the international call.

After a lot of emails, the customer affairs dismissed these huge mistakes of Emirates and stated "the predicament that you found yourselves in was not due to Emirates".

There is no cohesion between one unit of Emirates and another. Everyone at Emirates we spoke with at reservations or in person was very saddened and shocked at our situation and lack of concern from the customer affairs or JFK ground crew. But the people who were able to do something refused.

Clearly, Emirates has no idea what loyalty or customer service is. Clearly, we will NEVER fly them again, nor will we recommend the airline to anyone.

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Get your *** to the airport in time. You have been advised and warned time and time again that you have to be at the check-in counter at least two hours before departure. Don't blame emirates if you can't plan and manage your time well.


Funny you should say that. I'm flying Lufthansa in June.

So long Emirates. I can't take an airline that does not understand customer service and has each unit working separately from another.

It's either ONE entity or 1000. Emirates is 1000 pieces.


“the predicament that you found yourselves in was not due to Emirates”.

So time get to the airport on time, when check-in opens, and not when they close!!! Will save yourself of the hassles listed!!

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