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Original Date of Travel Information –

Hyderabad (HYD) to Dubai(DBX) to Boston(BOS) to Raleigh (RDU)

Hyderabad (HYD) to Dubai (DBX) – Flight Number – 525, Time 4:15 AM – 6:20 AM on August 6th 2014.

Dubai to Boston -- Flight Number – 237, Time 8:50 AM –

My wife and kids were scheduled to travel from HYDERABAD to RALEIGH/DURHAM Airport on 6th August 2014. They started at Hyderabad as per the schedule and reached to Dubai Airport on time. They were waiting at Gate No- A12 for Flight EK 237 announcement. They did not hear any announcement, approximately at 7:10 AM (Dubai Time) our kid went to counter for status of flight EK 237. They said the flight did not arrive. Again At 8:35 AM when my wife went to the counter they said the boarding was closed. The actual flight departure was 8:50 AM Dubai time. There was still 10 to 15 minutes time for flight departure. But still the Emirates staff did not allow them inside, more so they closed the door in front of them. Whatever the information I am giving you can see the same in the Airport video footage. You can verify.

When we said we were waiting for flight announcement they mentioned the airport is “decent” airport and they need not announce and it is our responsibility to check. The amount of suffer we had, we never faced in our life. In the middle of the world with two kids without proper help. When we requested for tickets for next flight, they said we were not show up at the gate, so we have to pay $800.00 per person, otherwise they will not issue the ticket for next flight.

My wife and kids were surprised how they can close the gate in front of us when they are with boarding passes. And also keeping them in front of the staff saying they did not show up to the gate. At least they did not announce a minimum curtesy announcement for the missing passenger’s name. Along with them, there was another family with her two daughters also in the same situation. The Emirates staff instead of helping them, they were blaming them and saying it was their mistake and we have to pay the penalty of $800/- per person and total $2400.00/-. The Staff is very rude, not responsible and non-friendly behavior with customers. During this process they would send us back and forth to find information.

I would like to see check the Video footage about our presence at Gate A12 and conversation with Emirate staff at the counter waiting for EK 237 Flight on 6th August 2014.

Somehow they managed the WiFi and communicated with me in the USA about their flight missing information. It was midnight 2:35 AM in USA EST time. After that I tried to call 1-800-777-3999 call center people. Contacted multiple call center agents, but the agents said the status of ticket was showing “No Show up”. I requested to provide the next available flight tickets to any EAST COST airports, but the call center agents said, there are no tickets available up to August 27th. They also said that they can book the ticket to Emirates flying destination only, from there we have to take care to my original RDU destination. How can your guys will expect a passenger can wait at airport for 20 days? One guy said there are tickets available but it is in Business class and we have to pay penalty and business class fare difference (Approximately $5000/- per person).

I requested if I could speak to the supervisor who said she will book the tickets and update me as soon as possible. She took my home and cell numbers. I did not get any call back even after 7 hours. When I contacted again to 1-800-777-3999, a different agent said that I had to pay the penalty first then only they will look for the ticket. For all the above conversation and for number of calls, you can find the call track number and conversation recordings in Emirates system.

Mean time my wife working with different rude, uncooperative, reckless staff at Dubai Airpot for their ticket booking. Finally after talking and arguing with different rube and reckless staff, they put us in EK231(Washington DC) flight dated 7th August 2014 in waiting list.

Finally the tickets were confirmed at 2:00 AM and Emirates staff took them to gate B32 at 2:20 AM (Dubai Time) and they boarded the flight in the last minute.

Here I would like to raise my concerns and require answer from Emirates.

1) On August 6th 2014, for flight EK 237 when they were in front of the gate with boarding passes at 8:40 AM instead of allowing them inside, they closed the gate without allowing them into Flight. How can they do that?

2) Again after paying Penalty of $2400/-($800/- per person) for Flight EK 231 on August 7th 2014, they took them to Gate B-32 at 2:20 AM (in the last minute of departure), the flight departure time is 2:20 AM (Dubai time). More so they waited and announced for one more customer and delayed 5 more mins.

3) My question is how come the passenger names were not announced when they had the boarding passes for the flight EK237, and not allowed into flight even though they had the time to board the flight EK 237 (Boston) at 8:40 AM (The Actual Departure is 8:50 AM Dubai time). At the same time how can they allow them into EK 231 flight at 2:20 AM on 7th August 2014.

4) If you see the Video footages of 6th Aug 2014 at Gate A12 between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM you can see all evidences. And also the 7th Aug 2014 Video evidences at Gate B32 between 2:00 AM and 2:40 AM Dubai time.

5) As per the rude, uncooperative, reckless staff information the airport is a decent airport. How come they announce loudly for different flights (EK 231 August 7th 2014), not for EK 237 on 6th August 2014.

6) I forgot add one more thing here. After all we lost two baggages.

I am going to complaint to different consumer departments on this. How to get the Video footage and announcements of recording of August 6th and 7th 2014 at Gate A12 and B32? Any idea?

By submitting do I get any help from Emirate on this incident?

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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Emirates inly good with their Aircraft machine... but people at services useless rude and arrogant.

I too spent USD 3000 similar situation. ..


This is indeed a small world. Because I came to this site to put my mother and her friend's experience with Emirates on the very same flight from Dubai to Boston.

They were also sitting near the gate and never heard any announcement of flight departing. Unfortunately my mother and her friends were not able to get even to pay $800 and get on the next flight. They had to purchase brand new ticket with Qatar airways. This was the worst experience ever.

They were traveling from Dhaka to Orlando, FL. My mother travel thru that route all the time and it is very likely for her not hear announcement. I am going to find a way to have the emirates contact me and pay us for the time and energy and money they had to spend. They were literally sitting in front of the gate.

I think they gave those tickets to someone else and did not bother to announce because they did not have any seat left.

It is rare that airlines would not announce name of a passenger who already used part of the ticket. They flew from Dhaka to Dubai and then were waiting for the next flight from Dubai to Boston.


Give a complaint here. I gave a complaint.

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