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For the past 2 weeks I have been through a very bad experience because I lost my passport on flight EK841 on Sun 28th of November. Before boarding the plane I showed my passport to the check-in counter at gate 118 because it is mandatory before traveling to Doha. Then I put my passport and boarding pass in my jacket then boarded the plane. When we were boarding I handed out my jacket to the crew to hang it in their closet. After the plane landed, I collected my jacket but I didn't find my passport in the jacket!!

Before leaving the plane, me and the crew searched my carry-on, jacket, pockets but unfortunately we haven't found the passport. I stayed for like 20mns on board and the crew searched other hanging closets but unfortunately the passport vanished. Maybe I have made the mistake of trusting Emirates about my passport, but aren't we trusting EK on our life!! I was astonished that this happened and I can't comprehend where did my passport go?! I went down to the Doha airport and eventually I was deported back to Dubai. First EK in Doha were forcing me to sign a report saying that I didn't have my passport, which is a complete lie, and that is why I refused to sign. Then they forced me to buy the ticket on the way back although it was clearly their fault!! Everyone from EK was avoiding taking any responsibility not even admitting their carelessness in handling my jacket and passport. Some cabin crew members were saying maybe the passport fell down while taking out the jackets, then it was misplaced, maybe someone took the passport, maybe maybe,…. BUT no one said we are apologizing for this mistake and we will take the necessary measures for that not to happen again. My passport was lost on EK plane and that is fact; was it stolen, or misplaced, I don't know but what I am sure of is that my passport was in my jacket when I handed it out to the crew.

I sent my complaint to EK to investigate and guess what was their response?

"....passengers are responsible for their personal belongings onboard the aircraft and at the airport, and Emirates is not liable for loss of personal items. Therefore, for future reference, it is always best for passengers to keep their personal documents with them at all times."

Very Very provocative answer and completely irresponsible for airline that supposed to delight their passengers

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight Attendant.

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passengers ARE responsible for their personal belongings onboard the aircraft and at the airport.


I know it is my misstake that i kept in my jacket, but should that give them the excuse to steal it??? It looks like a lot of people were stolen stuff on Emirates aircraft!!!


It is always a good idea to keep such important documents on your person and not trust them to be safe in an article of clothing that is not in your possession at all times.

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