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Dear Sirs,

This is Riwa Shidiak/ SKYWARD NB: 192315653I needed to place a complaint much earlier, yet I got very busy and had to travel for some work; through another airline unfortunately!I would like to tell you about what I encountered at your well-established organization:

I booked a ticket from Dubai to Beirut before my travel longtime back and I got a confirmation from your staff that it will last for 1 year since I did not knowwhen I might make it to Lebanon. This is was clear and your staff was cooperative honestly.the day I decided to travel, I called your call center and spoke to a guy called Mohammed. He told me he changed the date and it is confirmed and I can go to the airport,paydirectly for the change and take my flight peacefully!on November 29, 2012 , I went to terminal 3 to take my flight ( flight nb EK0953/departure 4:50 PM) at 2:50 PM (on time):)I am really still not familiar with your huge airport, I used to take Marhaba Service. And it was the first time I operate without this service.When I first entered the airport from the departure door, I made sure to ask two hostesses from your crew about what I have to do regarding the payment.both told me that you can pay at the check in counter !!!!!!!!!!! I went there and waited for 45 minutes as the airport was very busy. around 3.45 PM, your supervisor in the yellow area (Mohammed 416643) asked passengers travelling to Beirut to leave the *** and check in directly before check in counter to Beirut closes. I went to the hostess at the counter, she asked me to go payat the ticket counter. I told her what happened to me, she said I cannot do anything, go to the ticket counter in a very bad way!I asked her do I still have time to do this? she assured that yes. I went to the ticket counter running to pay, they made me pay $120 (the guy I called in the call center said $100) :)

I came back at the check in counter to hear from the hostess: sorry we closed!!!I honestly went crazy because I had a business meeting in Beirut! I talked to the supervisor Mohammed, he said he can t do anything again :) and simply book for tomorrow's was 3.59 PM and it wasn t that late to do a corrective action! I asked for the duty manager, supervisor said he left and nobody is here :)I asked all over the airport to reach the manager s office. who wasn t there! I called him through the officer and ask him to come urgently.He was very cold!! and very rude in assisting me!!! he said sorry I have nothing to do for you (ridiculous)

(It was already 4.25 PM; you can track through your system to know who is the manager; he is Arabic but I can t remember his name)

Nobody did anything:) I ended up travelling the next day flight of 4:50 PM (to Beirut) and losing a deal!Very bad experience with you guys!!! many mistakes at the same day: lost hostesses, overwhelmed supervisor, paying at the ticket counter while the check in counter already closedand an unprofessional manager!!!

By the way, you can also track the mistakes occurred that day. Also in front of me, 3 or 4 people missed their flights to Doha because of a similar mistake!and The next day when I went to the airport, one of the hostesses I met the day before, talked to me telling sorry but yesterday things were messy here :)Well it is not my problem, I appreciate your job but you cannot make customers lose time!

last week, a relative passed away and I had to go directly to the airport to take a flight on the spot.I did not go to terminal 3 and took another airline because I was expecting that with such a service from some of your team I will not be ableto attend the funeral!

-- looking froward for your reply!

My Regards,

Riwa Shidiak

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

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I had similiar experience with Emirates. There was 25 minute delay in the train to the airport and I reached the check in counter.

The service agent said I had 1 minute to check in. I gave him my passport and kept my bag for check-in. It was 2 kilos excess (which did not show up when I checked at home :() and I told him I could shift a couple of dresses to cabin bag. He rudely refused and said nothing can be done as my minute was up :eek He asked me to contact their office.

I went up and explained to them I need to catch the flight. I have already got my boarding pass and there is still one WHOLE hour left until ***. No help whatsoever. They actually suggested I could dump all my bags and board the flight :?

else take one the next day. And then I realized I don't have my passport. When I told the office, one of the staff called the service agent, laughed and had a hearty chat for couple of mins and then said something to another staff. She went and got my passport.

Apparently they had left it open on the desk of an international airport in clear access for anyone :( The staff is neither helpful nor courteous. They did not have the basic manners to apologize after such a reckless mistake. I booked the flight for the next day and asked for the names of the staff and service agent. Apparently they are like Madonna, only first names and they are the only ones in that name :p "Am @@@, am the only @@@ here'.

'He is ### and he is the only ###' :roll Added to that is all the hushed up conversations in their own language in a serious tone. From the extent of care they showed, for all I know they were discussing whether to order an egg salad or not :upset

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