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An Unfortunate First Time Emirates Flyer

I am a non EU student in Sweden, travelling from Denmark to Singapore to meet my friend who was also travelling and had arranged for me to be received at the destination airport. As I heard some good things about Emirates, I decided against my usual choice and made my booking with Emirates. There was a delay of 25 minutes in my train from Sweden to Denmark (Supposedly, it is a common occurrence said the staff at Emirates office), but it was not the only reason for me missing my flight.

I ran to the terminal to check in my baggage. The officer at the desk Mr. M@ (Last name not given as per your policy & apparently there is only one M@, informed your ticket agent Mr M# (again no last name for same policy)) said I have 1 minute to check in. He took my passport, and then noted there is an excess of 3kg. I asked him for 1 minute to shift some clothes to my cabin bag, which he rudely refused. He informed me there is nothing further to be done and I should contact the Emirates office. I went up to the office and asked them to let me on the flight as there was still 1 whole hour. I was informed by the lady at the front desk, Ms. T that they can’t check in the luggage. There I was standing for an entire hour while I was asked to ditch all my bags and board the flight or take a flight on the next day. Is that even an option to ask a customer to dump all belongings to catch a flight? I had a measly 700 SEK in my account and could not pay the cost of changing the ticket. Mr M#, the ticket agent decided to interfere and make the point clear by staring rudely and repeating one phrase 'This will not be discussed any further!' as if language is the issue here?!?

Then, I realized my passport was missing. I was worried sick in all the chaos and was searching for it. I remembered that Mr. M@ had taken it. The ticket agent called him, had a hearty chat , couple of laughs and finally spoke something to the staff beside him. She went and got the passport from the check in desk. The agent had carelessly tossed my passport at the counter and left. MY PASSPORT HAD BEEN LYING AT THE COUNTER UNATTENDED FOR NEARLY 10 WHOLE MINUTES IN FULL VIEW AND ACCESS FOR ANYONE, AT AN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. The staff did not even have the basic manners to apologize for the blunder. Providing unfriendly customer service aside, such complete disregard while handling passports, from an Airport service agent is plain ridiculous.

Considering I came in while check-in counter was still open, even if at the last moment, my questions are:

+ Couldn’t they give me 2 minutes to shift some clothes to a cabin bag?

+ Couldn’t they check in the baggage and charge me for the extra weight?

+ Can’t they be polite towards a troubled customer instead of showing a rude and indifferent attitude?

I had even checked in online and printed my boarding pass. My delay was due to unavoidable circumstances and even then I had arrived an entire hour before ***. If they had spared just five minutes and shown some sense of responsibility, I would have boarded my flight and be on my way. This might be just one of the many e-mails you receive. But this experience has turned me sour on what I was hoping to be an exciting and fun experience with Emirates.

After much inconvenience and frustration, I got a friend to transfer money to my account and have changed my flight to the next day. I had to pay the "NO SHOW" penalty of 1200 DKK when I was standing there one whole hour before ***, holding my boarding pass, and then pay excess for the flight change. Am spending the next 24 hours, all through night at an airport while my family is worry struck thousands of miles away. Once the booking was completed, I asked the staff for their names. The ticket agent gave just his first name and when I asked his last name, he said it is against the company policy to disclose last name. And apparently he is the only person by that name in the airline/airport so that should do !?!? The same reply when I asked for the staff at the check-in counter. After giving the name, he was 'Oh so polite'.

In-efficient, Irresponsible, Rude, Lacking manners, Indifferent and Apathetic is what I would call the service staff I have met till now. I think your training program needs radical improvement. For tomorrow, aside from getting home, am not hoping much. The point is 'Do you care?'. If my experience is an example of your service standards, I could only say... No thanks, Emirates!

I have already filed a complaint at your website. I have not mentioned any names here, as I am not sure if you have some policy against that. I would be happy if I am shown that what I encountered was an abstract event and not your usual trend.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Baggage Policy.

Monetary Loss: $295.

  • Airport service agent
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Oh and please pleeease do NOTE: Do not make any complaints online or in their website before you have finished all your traveling. I had similar problem only I made the error of writing a complaint on the day of the issue.

The next day while I was waiting to board, the staff had a meeting at the counter that got me plenty of pointed stares. They made my check-in as difficult as possible and the staff were rude...

n very obviously too. Truly there are many many airlines that provide absolutely friendly n efficient airlines.


As a long time Emirates customer, having taken numerous flights from Dubai to Manila....I was never ever once disappointed...Partly, because I was smart enough not to put myself into a situation to where I would be caught showing up last minute. The only person who comes off as being rude is you....rude and selfish....get over yourself princess...the world does not run according to your figure that out straight away....or life is gonna be filled with disappointment


Dose that account for them being rude.. let me tell you , I have been on many airlines and the airline that treats thier customers with some respect is saudi airlines..

Emirates are rubbish..

I will never use them again after they boarded a standby passenger onto a flight they refused me for being late... happy xmas ya shower of ***


Youre meant to be at the airport 3hours because of exactly this most international airlines close check in 1 and a half hours before the flight. You have no idea what goes into reopening a flight and what has to happen behind the scenes not just for the airport but for immigration particularly to the country you're headed to. Regardless you were late you are selfish enough not to care about the 400 other people who made it on time would rather delay them and delay the aircraft which has other places to be after this trip. You were lateavoidable unavoidable u were late (and tbch sounds very avoidable a 25minute train delay wouldve still given u pkebty of time to check in and repack).

You came in overweight so you didnt even weigh your bags before the airport. You then left YOUR passport in an international airport it is not the agents or the airlines responsibiliy. Take some responsibility.

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