Dear Emirates

I travel using Emirates from Jakarta – Dubai – Zurich on Feb 23rd 2013 (EK0357), it was fun and enjoyed, it was a safe flight and your services both ground and air crew are more than comforting me during the trip. Thank You.

However during my trip back from London (Heathrow) – Dubai – Jakarta on March 09th 2013 using EK0006 seat number 62C, my comfort was greatly reduced by several incidents that cost me a lot both in emotional and financial aspect.

1.In Heathrow, yes I have more baggage my business plus Holiday makes me have to bought another travel case, and I already previously scale it at the hotel I have 34 kg’s baggage and cabin luggage (same composition with what I’ve bring when I leave Jakarta. An old lady at the far end of your check in counter at Heathrow said that I have 40kg’s baggage, and she forbid me to take the same hand piece (that contain my travel suit, documents and flower for my wife) she insist that camera bag is the only things that I can carry and one plastic bag (which the sized is equal to my previous bag) into the cabin, I’ve got charged by 175 Pound for excess baggage. I have no time to argue with her at that time, since it’s almost boarding time and I haven’t got my lunch, so I paid the 175 pound with Visa debit card (I believe you could easily track this transaction) and give the receipt to her for her perusal, and she said that I already have 2 baggage secured (I’ve told her that in the bag that I previously plan to bring into the cabin contains document that I will need for my business presentation on Monday morning and I can’t bring that by hands have to be in the bag, She insist that I have to put it in the baggage. Her No smile attitude and unfriendly tones and Body language really gives me discomfort (You should train your Heathrow ground crew how to deliver services!) Seems like she’s underestimates me and didn’t think that I understand what she’s saying, FYI I wear a hearing aid, so sometimes my hearing is little bit delayed.

2. When I arrived at Jakarta on Sunday late evening (10/03/2013) with EK0358 seat 22C, I’ve been told that one of my luggage is left or lost, they will give me update next day, CGX lost and found was helpful, also your station supervisor at CGX, but the cant give me any update on this. I was panic, because the presentation materials that I have to deliver on Monday morning are in that lost Luggage! at the other morning when I deliver the presentation without the demo material and proper data, my presentation was a total failure, the sample that I bought in Europe are useless, I can’t convince my users that my proposal are feasible enough. Thanks to the Lady at Heathrow. And then my luggage finally delivered more than 24 hour after I landed at Jakarta. With minor scratch. But I’ve lost the career and business opportunity due to the lack of problem shooting from your Heathrow station.

Due to the mess up that happened, I demand a proper explanation on why it’s happened, and also demand a proper compensation for my loss, I paid 175 Pound and much more efforts due to the importance of things that I have to carry with me to Jakarta. If it’s only clothes or unnecessary things, I will ditch it at London Heathrow Airport.

Anyway, I have pleasant experience onboard London – Dubai – Jakarta flight. Thank you for that.

That’s all from, me and I waiting response from you

Thank you

Best Regards

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Baggage Policy.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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