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I would like to report a recent travel experience to the media with the hope that you could contact the companies involved and get them to respond.

I was supposed to travel on a Delta flight from Detroit to New York on Jan 11, 2008 and then proceed to Bombay on Kuwait airlines on the same ticket.

Delta canceled my flight due to weather. Kuwait Airlines bumped me without any explanation and have not refunded my ticket to date.

As if the loss of over $1000 was not bad, Delta staff then informed me that my luggage was already forwarded to New York!

In desperation to get to my destination and find my luggage, I bought a ticket on Emirates for the next day, Jan 12, 2008. At New York, I was told by Delta staff that my luggage had been handed over to Emirates. Emirates confirmed this. I flew to Bombay via Dubai and at Dubai I was told my luggage was being sent on the same flight to Bombay, India.

When I got to India, my luggage was missing. I was told by Delta to speak with Emirates. Emirates re-directed me to Delta. Delta then informed me to come to the airport the next night to get mu luggage which would arrive on Delta flight 16 on Jan 14, 2008. When I went back, the luggage was still not there. Delta refused to take notice and kept saying Emirates was responsible.

I have filled numerous forms and complaints and it is nearly 2 months since my luggage was lost/stolen. Now neither airline is responding to my requests.

I filed a mediation with Better Business Bureau and the airlines simply keep pointing me to each other.

BBB Complaint Case#27038815(Ref#77-3049-27038815-5-321)

Emirates Customer Affairs file # 6600215

Delta Reference Number: Sadasiwan, Thyag/AHL BOMEK17644 (KMM20431729I120L0KM)

Can you kindly help?


Thank You.




4610 Solomon Court;

Ypsilanti; MI - 48197

Tel: 1(734) 604-6379

Fax: 1(530) 698-7863

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I travelled by flight no. EK511 from Delhi to Dubai and from Dubai to london by flight no.

EK0005on 14th jan 2010. I have lost my two baggage and have not received as yet. I am suffering in this winter without proper clothing. Pl help .

My Baggwe tag no.

is EK604192 and Ek 604193. Thanking yo Masood


yes Kuwait Aiwarys are absolutely ***.

I have flown them twice, first time I was made to pay an extra $200 - why - I do not know.

Second time they cancelled my return flight, refuse to give ma nother flight or refund, and so I had to buy a new ticket with another airline. I am furious and shall never fly with them again!

Good luck with your case though, perhaps you could contact your insurance company for reimbursement?

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