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Recently we came back from Miami-JFK- then Dubai..

from Miami the flight was running very late as we had 2-3 hours before my next flight due to weather in JFK. so when we reached the ground on JFK- literally ran to make my next EMRIATES EK 202 flight..(40mins) (had to change terminal ect) as soon as we reached- we got straight on the flight. EK202

after a 13 hour flight – lucky was empty.. got to the baggage station.. there were about 6 bags going round round.. and round.. i waited with my husband for nearly 1 hour.. NO bag..

we then went to complain gave all our boarding passes id ect and what do you know.. with in 15 mins they were located "˜said they were at customs' . first thing i did was check my i had that rushing feeling something was not right! the Emirates staff said its ok- no one has been in your bag'

i got home open the bag next morning and can you believe $1600 with of perfume cosmetics makeup jewelry GONE!!!!! STOLEN from by bag and they even to the extent to open a hand bag inside my locked suitcase- opened it and stone the jewelry from the handbag.. So they much have had the TIME to go through all that and still manage to unzip and go though my bag.

I was distraught!! went straight to the Emirates baggage claim and they kindly took the details and said "˜DEFINIETLY COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED HERE!!' I THINK THEY ARE TRAINED TO SAY THAT. Above all the guy sat there and said.. o yes less than 7 days agao another lady had her baggage gone though and items stoles on the same flight.. what do you know!! isn't enough of a pattern?? you would think?

of couse it could have happen here. he shook his head and and said the punishment here is to be hung.. i do not believe a word. they had at least an hour go carefully go though my bag.

and guess who had a special lock that opens any bags.. CUSTOMS..

Will never fly with Emirates again.. to think you can't even trust your checked baggage not to be broken into and items stolen. they have launched a investigation.. but as we flew another airline from Miami to JFK.. i have no doubt they will claim that it was another airline. and ill be left out of pocket $1600. Very SAd Emirates!! the best airline is the world.. FAR FROM IT very disappointed!

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Something similar happened to me on my return flight using Emirates, my bags were opened and someone stole a Gucci belt. Emirates says is going to pay for the stolen item, but only 50% of its value since I bought it more than 4 years ago! Even if old and used a Gucci belt still is in perfect condition and like new.


Dont know about you, but Id never leave that amount of valuables in my suitcase, locked or not. Id say it was my own fault if Ii did and it went missing.


ok to to update the situation, Emirates took all my details all the receipts, boarding passes passport entry and exit stamps, and have review my case, and came back and said every item i could remember at the time that i had originally wrote down, and estimated the cost- They came back and said they would PAY for my losses while traveling on Emirates.

I was very pleased with the way Emirates handled the situation although it doesn't change the fact of what happened.

I have not yet 1 month later received a cheque- however they said another week.

So i hope it will come and im thankful i had everything Emirates asked for and i will be reimbursed.

This time i was lucky and appreciate Emirates for giving me my money and putting some faith back into travelling on that airline again.


Hey! The same thing happened to me yesterday.

Please tell me the process and who you called to get your money back. Appreciate your help


Same thing happened to me January 15th on Emirates flight where do you call. Please give the telephone #.


Same happened to me.. Please do let me know how to approach in this kind of scenario

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