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I am a loyal passenger (EK 295 650 191) who has, and for the first time in 20 years of travel, just been completely and utterly humiliated during my business trip. Mr. Claude exhibited complete disrespect towards me despite my constant reiteration of my loyalty to Emirates, and while I was simply trying to politely and without any disrespect explain the reasons of my delay. This took place once at the A terminal, Gate A13 at the Dubai International Airport prior to departure, and AGAIN within the aircraft itself, as he came back to yell some more.

Mr. Claude, the flight supervisor for flight EK 813 started off by ordering the personal at the door to not accept my boarding pass. He later called for my baggage to be off-loaded, even though I was already present at the gate and the plane had not yet closed its door since this was taking 20 minutes prior to *** time. I had to literally beg him and apologize for explaining myself, and only then did he give the order for my baggage to be reloaded to the flight and allowed me on board. I asked for his name in a nice handshake gesture, he refused to provide it claiming I don't need it. I later asked another member of your staff to provide his name and informed them that I would be taking immediate action to address the rudeness and lack of professionalism with in which Mr. Claude handled the matter.

Later on, Mr. Claude came to the aircraft, started yelling in front of all other passengers; "who are you to get me fired? - I will get you off this plane now - Give me your boarding pass now!"... I tried to calm him down as he asked me to go out of the aircraft, which I politely did. I also remained calm and respectful despite the humiliation I was experiencing. I had to calm him down, yet again, explain that my intention was not to get him fired, but only to report the incident. And that initially, I was not justifying my delay, I was simply explaining why it took place.

Sir, Mam; if it was not absolutely indispensable for me to take this flight, I can assure you I would have turned my back and walked away. What happened is simply unacceptable. As a consultant with one of the largest multinational companies, the largest in the ME, I travel 260 days of the year. Not once have I ever experienced or heard of such arrogance, such belittling of a passenger, and such a poor travel experience. Here I am, on board your aircraft drafting this message on my mobile, after having spent 18 hours working non-stop, looking forward for an hour of peace.

I have no words to describe this experience. Again,I have no intention of causing problems to Mr. Claude, but I will not keep this story to myself and will escalate the matter to our global logistics director who I believe will take the necessary steps in advising on the best way forward for myself and all company members. I cannot size the number of flights our company takes with your airlines right now, but I can emphasize the loyalty and respect I have had and my company members have had for your crew all along. My customer experience has been by far superior than with any other regional airlines, and I have voiced this praise in every blog, social media and survey that has come my way. I cannot say this will be the case going forward, and I am sorry to inform you that I will no longer fly with your esteemed airlines.

This was not a regular incident. I was simply late and I did not deserve this kind of treatment. I neither raised my voice, nor used inappropriate language, nor even insinuate any rudeness. I, the customer, apologized, several several times, and had to beg my way on board, literally. And after all this humiliation, I shook his hand while a kind lady from the airport was apologizing on his behalf.

I would be happy to provide a detailed account of what took place simply for it not to take place again with another customer, especially for those who would still have to fly in the coming days. I can assure you I am not in the business of twisting facts, and will report things exactly as they took place. I only hope you treat this with utmost urgency and attention and I thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.


This saddest part is not Mr. Claude, it is the justification letter Emirates sent - till this day, 1 month into the incident, they have not taken a single step towards correcting this.

Incidents happen, and that's fine. But not owning up to them, that's just poor CRM.

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FFS!! You turned up for your flight with only 20 minutes to spare.

What do you expect them to do?

Welcome you with a glade of champagne and open arms??

Look at the screens, be alert and be at the gate early, instead of wandering about buying ***.

Lesson learnt I'm afraid


I think that their response was spot on! It doesn't matter how nicely you think you behaved.

The fact was that you wouldn't accept what they were telling you and continued to argue. The policy of taking the bags off is a good one. This prevents a terrorist from simply checking through bags without actually boarding the plane.

Face it - you were late and you argued with them about it. I am sure they won't miss one more entitled @hole.


It's me again, with one last post (3 of 3)

My response to their response:

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Quite frankly, after this long overdue response, I expected a much different message from your end.


Xx, if you read the letter I wrote you, you will find that not at any point did I deny that I was late for the flight. As I was kindly explaining to Mr. Claude, the announcements came quite late, and they were no announcement for final calls. That being said, I was greatly at fault for not having looked at the plasma screens, and very guilty, as you have kindly explained; I was indeed late!

The real issue is not my delay.

The real issue is how your team dealt with it, and now more importantly how you are dealing with it. Just for clarity, I will re-summarize the facts and highlight everything that went wrong:

 I came only 20 minutes before the flight (which is late, that’s where I went wrong) - at that point my luggage was STILL on the flight, and the kind lady (who you can refer to) was gladly letting me on board. When Mr. Claude heard me explain the reason of my delay, it is at that point in time that he threatened to take my suitcase off the plane.

The baggage when I arrived was VERY MUCH still on the plane at that point – it was not offloaded as your report claims – he demanded that it gets offloaded!. His exact words were “THIS MAN IS TELLING STORIES, PLEASE TAKE HIS SUITCASE OFF” Only then did they take it off. The lady on the other end of the line was asking “Are you sure you want to offload this piece of baggage?” He kept her waiting until I apologized. He got bothered at the fact that I was explaining myself; apparently it is a crime to explain Your team’s mistake: THREATENING YOUR CUSTOMERS, INTIMIDATING THEM that if I don’t agree with what he is saying and agree to be lectured, my suit case would be taken off the flight, despite the fact that I was COMPLETELY CIVIL and even beyond polite given these unacceptable circumstances.

If my baggage was initially offloaded, and he did me the favor to put it back, as he seems to have positioned it for your report, things would BE very different, and I would have been grateful, but I can assure you that is NOT what happened  At this point, and ONLY BECAUSE I really needed to get on your flight for urgent work reasons, I Apologized TO MR. CLAUDE, after having done nothing wrong initially, besides of course arriving late, and told him he was right, and that I should have never dared question anything. I introduced myself nicely, went for a handshake and asked for his kind name Your team’s mistake: HE REFUSED TO GIVE ME HIS NAME and his exact words were, and I quote “You don’t need to know my name”  After he re-instructed my suitcase to be put back on the plane, which INITIALLY HE COULD HAVE AVOIDED altogether, I simply asked the nice lady checking the boarding pass for his name, and said that I will report Mr. Claude and this incident Your team’s mistake: MR.

CLAUDE FOLLOWED ME ON THE FLIGHT, YELLING IN FRONT OF EVERYONE “WHO ARE YOU TO GET ME FIRED”  AGAIN, I stayed calm, followed him to the door of the air-plane, where he took my boarding pass and refused to return it. I again had to APOLOGIZE, explained that my only intention is to report the incident and nothing more – up until another nice lady from the airport ground staff came, and apologized on Mr. Claude’s behalf and the misunderstanding Your team’s mistake: Completely HUMILIATING YOUR CUSTOMERS, CONFISCATING THEIR BOARDING PASSES (which I have dearly kept for 27 years from all my flights) AND not having the decency to apologize for it or making up for it. Mr.

Xx, I understand that you do not share the internal actions that you take and on that note, I can assure you that if anything happens to Mr. Claude, I will really make things worse. He has a family and a life, and my intention is not to get him into trouble or cost him his job. It is not only his responsibility, it is EMIRATES.

What happened with Mr. Clause in the past, it could have been a frustration which he took out on me, and I am ok with that, and he should not have to lose his job over something like this. He should only be told what he can and cannot do, and I am sure he will be more careful in the future. This should be more than enough.

The real issue now is how you as customer affairs are dealing with this. You have taken days, to come back with an inaccurate report, and ZERO incentive or apologies for me to fly with you again! “I regret to learn of the incident that you described prior to flight EK813 from Dubai to Riyadh on 16 February” “I am also concerned to learn of your disappointment at the behaviour displayed towards you by a member of our ground staff. We expect our staff members to always deal with passengers in a friendly and professional manner, which you, as our customer, have every right to expect.” Followed by 2 paragraphs on what I should and should not do /my responsibilities as a passenger?

Seriously? At which point did I insinuate that I was on time and that I deserved a red carpet? I simply argued the TREATMENT I got for being late, WHICH I AM AWARE I WAS! Is this your idea of an apology?

Is this your idea of building loyalty? Is takes you days to come back to me with this?? REALLY???? Mr.

Xx, I can assure you I will escalate this to the required managers, and I can assure you I am going full fledge viral with this story. I was only waiting for your reply, and now that I have it, I see no reason to hold off any longer. Furthermore, I will escalate this to responsible parties within our company and find alternative arrangements of how frequently we will deal with your airlines.

It is the first time in my life I write such an E-mail; you definitely set the tone for the lack of professionalism. Take care


This was the response

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to detail your concerns in your email message of 17 February 2014.

I regret to learn of the incident that you described prior to flight EK813 from Dubai to Riyadh on 16 February.

I am also concerned to learn of your disappointment at the behaviour displayed towards you by a member of our ground staff. We expect our staff members to always deal with passengers in a friendly and professional manner, which you, as our customer, have every right to expect.

Emirates has introduced a system to ensure that flights depart on time.

This means that baggage will be removed from a plane if the passenger has not presented their boarding card at the boarding gate within the stipulated time before the scheduled time of departure, ready to board the plane. Announcements are made in the terminal building advising passengers of this important procedure, and the plasma screens located throughout the airport concourse, show the latest information on flight departures.

Please allow me to explain that it is the passenger's responsibility to board their flight within the stipulated time. However, a report from our Airport Services Manager in Dubai shows that you reported too late to be accepted on the flight. Subsequently, our ground staff re-accepted you on the flight and your baggage was reloaded on to the aircraft, as an exception.

We take all feedback seriously, and inform the respective Senior Managers to address the situation as necessary, and where appropriate to counsel staff on their performance. This has been done. However, I am required to further clarify that Emirates, in accordance with employment and confidentiality policies, do not share the details of any internal actions that may be taken.

Thank you for allowing me to explain and for your understanding. Yours sincerely, Customer Affairs

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