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This is a very serious complaint about the service offered from Emirates.

I will break this down into 2 sections as i consider them isolated matters with one being extremely serious and a matter you need to act upon now before i take further action. The second complaint is merely a customer service issue and something you may wish to fix but not critical.

complaint 1

The flight was delayed from Dubai for over 1hour and 40 mins in which time we were sat in an airplane with no air conditioning in the middle of the day in dubai. The cabin was uncontrollably hot and passengers should of been offloaded immediately. Instead we were left with only 1 update from the pilot saying it is being worked on and 1 update when the air-*** was fixed 100 minuets later(by powering the aircraft on and off).This was unacceptable and painful and i have never been locked inside a plane in an uncomfortable, sweaty, boiling hot environment in midday sun, with no information as to whats happening im sure this is not in line with my human human rights let alone good customer services.

Complaint 2

PART-A- The customer service at the back of the airplane was practically none existent for the entire flight, It took me pressing my seat buzzer (for assistance) 9 times over 2 hours to get any notice from any of the inflight staff.When i complained about it i was simply told they were busy. This would be fine on its own but when this was simply because i needed water due to super dehydration from being forcibly locked in a super heated environment for 2 hours i consider this a joke.

PART-B- The in flight meals took over 2 and a Half hours to be served after we finally took off, And then i was constantly told there was no bbq chicken which i requested. the flight appeared to be understaffed and the staff working had no interest in the customers there were serving at least in the back section of the airplane.In all in all my flights with Emirates i have never had such a bad experience and i have never been forcibly detained against my will in a plane which i was not able to leave or disembark. But for this to happen for nearly 2 hours and in 50 degree Celsius heat is about the worst experience of my life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Air Conditioner Facility.

Reason of review: forced imprisonment.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Emirates Airlines Cons: Ran out of meals, Customer service, Being imprisoned on 50 degree aircraft, Ignored by airhostesses, No help from customer complaint proceedure.

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It appears that Emirates staff (incl. cabin crew) are not well paid, and do not have decent working conditions, and hence it's no surprise they show all that frustration in the form of bad attitude to the poor passengers.

However, that's no justification for what you've been put through.

I genuinely feel sorry for you. It's funny, when competitor airlines do so much to just offer a customer friendly service, Emirates is failing on this front badly.

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