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Emirates Airlines is the Airlines that i hate most now. I will think four times before booking another Emirates Flight. Looks like they are so determined to make money, even if this is at the cost of Passenger's travel. Here is what happened

I travelled from Phoenix-> Los Angels - > Dubai -> Trivandrum with 4 Checked Luggages. In this the first leg [Phoenix-> Los Angels] was with US Airways. Even though their baggage policy allows only one checked baggage per passenger, they accepted two checked baggages as Emirates allows two baggages for an economy passenger.Hence i travelled from Phoenix -> Los Angels in US Airways and from Los Angels - > Dubai in Emirates. Everything was good until i took layover for 96 hours in Dubai and came back to Check in my luggages back in Dubai Airport.Here i am asked to pay for two luggages just because my tickets states that my luggage allowance is 1 baggages per passenger due to US department of transportation regulations. This is inspite of Emirates Policy that if the itenary has a US leg then, the airlines would adopt baggage policy per US rules. The agents in the counter were so adamant that i am asked to either pay 1800 Dhs or travel without them. Further, the agents mentioned that they could have tried doing something, if i had bought this ticket from Emirates airlines itself.Also i know many of my friends have travelled in the same itenary [except the layover part] and the are allowed with 2 baggages per passenger. Here are my questions

1. Why in this world is that Emirates don't have a consistent policy instead of boasting of lenient baggage policy themselves

2. I was expecting Emirates agents to apply better reasoning than sticking to the system constraints. My ticket mentioned 1 baggage per passenger as US Airways has that as the policy. Ironically US Airways allowed my two baggages but Emirates only allowed one.

3. Why in this world Emirates allowed me to travel with 4 checked in luggages from Los Angels - > Dubai and why in this world this matter only kicked the agents in Dubai alone.

I would not recommend Emirates another time to anybody as they are full of surprises. Looking for a possibility to initiate legal action against them for the mental agony that i went through while explaining them the matter and after paying the money to avoid more travel issues. I hate Emirates!!!



Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Baggage Policy.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Yes, you really should try suing them for adopting US baggage regulations when travelling to or from the US. Makes a lot of sense.


Wtf??! You suffered mental agony over a baggage mishap??!! :grin You need to see a psychiatrist for medication not a lawyer for your greed!!

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