Colombo, Western Province
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It was the first and the last time I booked Emirates airlines and unless they admit their fault and reimburse my losses both financial and moral, I will keep sharing my experience with all the existing and potential passengers. It is unacceptable to be treated so bad for your own money.

I was flying Maldives- Sri Lanka (Colombo) - Maldives (as I had a long holidays in Maldives). On my way back from Colombo to Maldives I was now allowed to attend my flight as I had no ticket from Maldives to my home country or at least Europe (as the check in rep stated). Not to make it an issue I said that I'd just buy a ticket right now if it bothers them so I can take the plane back to Maldives , BUT it was refused! They said - you just have to come back tomorrow, good bye. It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever experienced. Moreover, I was forced to pay a fine for me missing my flight and changing a ticket for another day (it is like I had a choice). Airline customer service in reply to my complain say that it is my own fault and only thing they can do is to suggest me to contact my insurance company.

In addition to my missed hotel bookings in Maldives, xtra expenses on accommodation, food and taxis in Colombo, where I was forced to stay an extra day, I had to experience extreme rudeness and arrogant attitude from the Airline personnel both in the airport and in-flight, which I never seen in my entire life. FYA my complaint regarding the bad behavior and lack of professionalism of the personnel was left without any attention, so I assume it is the natural part of the Emirates service.

Thankfully, I came across of the Montreal Convention and I have been advised how to proceed the case further, as according to the international air carrier legislation Emirate Airlines actions were not legit.

I am very sad it could have not been resolved in a more decent manner and I truly hate to make the case public, although I realize we all responsible for the service standards- we encourage the companies to treat us badly if we put up with their unappropriated actions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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Why does every single Indian on here 'demand compensation fore their mental anguish'?? FFS just grow up. If you've genuinely lost money then fair enough, but if you want money because of the 'anguish you've suffered', then I suggest that you 'do one'!


Please give complaint here:

You will get some answer from Emirates.


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