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I have tried writing Emirates Air line for the past 2 months with no logical respond from them,

I got my luggage at SFO airport smashed and torn and open with all the contents on the carousel and some content missing. I asked Emirates airline officer, whom was on duty at SFO airport before leaving the US Immigration and Customs for assistance and at 2.30 pm on Nov 2nd, 2013 he refused to help or assist me in any way all Emirates agent had was a small hand held weight which he wanted to weight my 22 kilogram ripped open luggage with it

Emirates agent kept asking me to sit at the airport and search what is missing. He was very rude and not helpful. He would not even help me in closing the zipper! I asked him for his phone number and his name & he would not give it to me nor was he wearing a name tag. He was an American/Chinese person working at 2.30 pm on November 2nd at US Immigration and Customs hall in SFO airport.

He told me at first that we do not care about thorn zippers.

That is exactly what happens to suit cases due to loading them on top of each other. The zipper is how you open and shut the luggage unless someone takes a knife and a cutter and rip your luggage usually the zipper goes first. This is called common sense.

My Luggage was put on the carousel with the top completely open and the contents on the carousel, other passengers had to help me collect my staff and put it back into the suit case. This was enough embarrassing by itself.

After I have gone home and after further inspection my 3 important & none replicable DVD’s plus 4 separate bags of Saffron from Iran (Each weighted 1 ounce) & a pair of $270.00 shoes was missing!!! I had a Parker pen which I bought in London a few years back was missing and can not find it now and two of my shirts were ruined.

How am I ever going to replace these items and other ruined items?

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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My friend,I think they are least bothered how their Ground Handling Agency is playing with passenger baggage and making losses to travelers. I also experienced the same and surprising thing is that they know what their staff is doing with baggage but they are simply denying the facts and run away from their responsibility.

I think no authority is monitoring what passengers are experiencing with Emirates Airline.

See below my experience as well. We should do something..https://emirates-airlines.pissedconsumer.com/your-baggage-is-not-safe-with-emirates-airline-201803191213774.html?newcomment&utm_expid=.pGOBWwX9TReYrlCwHgLr1Q.2&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2FdYx1M3jIxnRegards,Siptain


To augment the *** comments made below, allow me shed some unbiased but unvarnished opinions.

First, next time you travel, buy a good quality suitcase, preferably hard-shell, rather than the K-Mart $39.99 Blue Light Special.

Second, flying into San Francisco has nothing to do with it.

*** bashing and denigrating San Francisco, does nobody any good and only shows narrow minded bigotry in the "land of the free".

Third, the problem is with your airline, Emirates . . .

what do you expect from an Arab airline, courtesy or concern? Come now.

As to your tale of woe about your missing property, as I inferred above, a good quality suitcase, like a Samsonite, could have prevented this incident.

As to how are you " . . .

ever going to replace these items and other ruined items?" You are not. Grow up and stop complaining about trivial junk . . .

I know, it's not trivial to you. Get over it. Those items are gone and if they are the only things you ever lose in life, you are an unbelievably lucky person. You might want to get even with them on Youtube like a guy did a few years ago.

See . . .

. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo


Your problem was that you landed in San Francisco---not a town known for either manners nor honesty. You are probably out of luck.

Thievery is rampant at SFO. Best to avoid the whole area.


Don't bend over in SF!

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