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Dear Customer Complaints Team,

I have flown with Emirates for many years now, but I am shocked at the most outrageously poor service I have ever received on a flight from Dubai to Manchester on April 9, 2016 (EK 19).

I travel this route very often, and I know many of the crew that I get to see regularly, including the purser who is great! I would not wish for them to hear about me complaining about a colleague of theirs. But as she was selling herself for sex, I have to write to you.

I experienced the worst attitude of any cabin crew ever in all my years flying with you. Please read all points below, as some are just SHOCKING! This girl should not be allowed to represent Emirates.

As she walked past, despite short, she pushed me with her shoulder and did not apologize.

During the flight, whilst walking past, she knocked my arm and my drink spilled. I asked for a tissue, she angrily replied “I will get it when I am ready – YOU CAN WAIT!”

After 30 minutes, and no tissue, I ask her again. She aggressively leans down to my face and said, “You will wait as long as it takes me, so just sit down and wait like a normal person”. Other passengers then commented to me how rude she is being and to complain.

As she walked down the aisle with another member of cabin crew, she pointed at me and laughed … I stopped her and told her I have lost my patience, I demand to know her name as I have been only polite with her. She refused to tell, but I saw her name badge, which said “”.

Later on, I met with her in the galley to request a drink. I asked why she was so rude to me, when I had done nothing. She replied that she “hates” this flight, and has no money. She then said that for £1,000 I could *** with her, as this was a stopover flight. I declined.

Shortly before landing, she approached me as I was returning from the toilet and asked me if I wanted her hotel details – I said no and she got angry and told me to “*** off”. I requested her full name. She then took her ID Card off, so I could not see. She then ordered me to my seat.

After returning from the toilet, just before landing, she approached me and asked that if I did not tell anyone about her "proposition", she would allow me to meet her in Dubai at her apartment “not far from the airport” and *** with her for free. I couldn’t believe it.

As I disembarked the plane, I attempted to look at her badge again which she hid. I told her loudly, and clearly, that I intended to make a complaint. The cabin crew girl on the other door heard this and looked over – which gave removed> no further chance to keep hiding her badge and she had to show me – which is when I saw her first name and last name, removed> – though there was also a middle name which I have forgotten now.

If I ever see this cabin crew girl on any of my flights, I will be removing all my business with Emirates as well as for my numerous staff that I also pay to travel via Emirates. This is TERRIBLE. I trust you will take corrective action before I am forced to publicly post this letter online. I spend thousands of pounds every single month for my travel, and also for my staff. I will happily move to Qatar Airways if you do not fix this situation – I do not expect to be sold SEX when I am on an Emirates plane, by someone who has terrible service skills either.



Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: She should be sacked!.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Harassment And Bullying
  • Ek19
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