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My name is BAPPA/AMITHASANMR. I was returning to Bangladesh from London Gatwick airport to Dhaka on Flight EK 016 on 02 -07-2012, Seat no.

44G. After the drink has been served, a drunk customer hit me on my head 3 times. He was disturbing the whole flight. Even all the air hostess were disturbed as well.

While I was watching movie, he was shouting loudly and when I asked him politely as a gentleman to shout slowly as I was getting disturbed. At the very moment he punched me on my head 3 times without any reason. Then I called for the security to help me but nobody was there. A hostess took me to the back to put ice on my head, and he came running to me with a fork and a knife, as it was lunch time.

He even threatened the air-hostess for not getting out off the way. My life was at risk even on an International flight like Emirates. I am still under treatment for head trauma. I appeared as a witness during official complaint inside the flight, but still didn't get any response.

There is no arrangement for security in your flights. I have a returning ticket on 28th August 2012 on Flight no.

EK 583, but there is no guaranty that I will be harassed again. If the company does not take any actions regarding the incident, you will loose a regular customer, and i am willing to sue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Best review I've read yet. Gave me jolly good laugh :)

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