We,a group of 4 scheduled to travel from 29 June 2014 from DXB checked in our luggage @0148 and we got our boarding passes.We took our kids to the washroom and we went to the security clearence @0220.They did not let us go in and the lady at the security clearence was on the phone for atleast 15 mts.So we were asked to go back and pay $800/person to be put us on waiting list for next flight and it is valid for only 48 hrs.So we went to the Emirates Office in Dubai.There they told us it is $400 per person since we were already at the airport. and received boarding pass.When we went back to the airport at the booking counter,they insisted on taking $800/person from us.When we told them that we will complain to the American Embassy,they finally agreed.We wre put on waiting list for the next flight and there was no seats available.We waiting at the airport with 2 kids for 2 days without any accommodation .We requested to talk to te airport supervisor.They refused to call the supervisor saying that it is Moroccon lady and she wouldn't help.We informed them that we would take any other airline to COK.They said if we take any other flight to COK,they will cancel our return ticket.If they need any information,they would not communicate with each other,they would send us back and forth to find information.They were so rude to us.We were there with 2 kids without any food or accommodation.Finally,we found the office of the airport manager Mr Raghu and he helped us get a ticket after waiting at the airport for 42 hrs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

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Please give complaint here: http://www.dot.gov/airconsumer/file-consumer-complaint

You will get some answer from Emirates.



Same thing happened to my wife and daughter at Dubai Airport. We paid 2400/- and took the flight to different destination.

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