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We were travelling with our two daughters, the itinerary being SEA-BOM-DEL-DXB-SEA. After a 4 day stay in Dubai, we went to the airport for our 9.35AM flight on Jan 4; we were there at 6.30AM and reached the ticket counter at 7.45AM. We were BUMPED off the flight with the explanation that you had overbooked the flight as per IATA rules.

1. Emirates did not ask for volunteers. Instead they bumped a family of 4 - the kids had to start school the next day; I was starting a new job (I showed the employment letter at the counter).

2. The agents proceeded to lie in response to every question. They asked us to wait until 8.35AM when they would allocate remaining seats. But in fact, everyone was already checked-in. They simply gave us hotel vouchers at 8.35AM and refused to entertain options.

3. There is a 3.20AM flight from Dubai to Seattle. They refused to answer any questions around it. They simply said: “we have considered all options.”

4. Some agent comments: (i) if you had a job to start, why did you not leave two days ago. It is your problem that you took this risk. (ii) half the people we bumped are starting a new job (this is despite my showing my employment letter and start date to them). (iii) All kids have school; we cannot consider that when we look at our flights.

5. Even after they issued the hotel vouchers, they lied about the process. (i) An Emirates car will pick you up at the hotel tomorrow morning. THERE WAS NO CAR and we had to take a taxi and pay in US Dollars. (ii) You can travel anywhere in the world with your travel vouchers as long as you pay the fare difference. Each voucher is valued at 20,000 dinare. I confirmed that number and it is a total lie.

6. We were given the LAST ROW on the next day’s flight (#49) and spend 14 hours listening to the loud flush in the bathrooms behind us. We had to argue for 15 minutes for Asian Vegetarian meals that were not on the plane.


1. My daughters missed their first day of school and had to scramble to make up.

2. I had to start one day later and will not be paid for the missed day.

Emirates bumped a family without asking us and then proceeded to treat us as badly as they could. I am disgusted with the treatment and embarrassed as my family went through this with me.

I was able to convince 3 friends to take Virgin Air instead of Emirates to India. If I can convince a few more, I will be happy. You obviously will continue to have overbooked flights.

An Unhappy Customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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It sounds like your family is hard to deal with. They should have through you out mid-flight.

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