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One of the worst customer service ever...

Air stewards were so rude, they even called my 2 years old daughter ANNOYING when she was playing with the remote and was accidentally pressing the crew button. He was grabbing the remote forcefully from my daughter's hand and was trying to keep the remote in the couch in front seat. My daughter started crying and was trying to reach for the remote but he was not letting her. I was sleeping and my wife was half asleep with 6 months old infant in the lap (we were not provided Bassinet seat even after we requested so many times. We were even flexible with the dates but nope). He was reaching my daugher over my wife and infant on her lap as my wife is sitting in aisle seat and my daughter was in one of center seats. He woke us all up and was making noise in front of all passengers. It was so embarrassing.

In LAX to Dubai flight, we were not given Bassinet, they initially offered free seats as we volunteered for next day flight then they took the offer back and let us fly on the same flight saying seat beside us is empty but later that was filled too. Emailed customer service so many times but no reply for more than a month, later they replied saying they are NOT in breach of any contract. Finally when I got frustrated and called them, after listening to everything call dropped first time, called them back again, told the whole story again, after listening to everything she said NOT my department and gave the same Email ID that I have emailed before.(Fathima was her name). When I said cancel my tickets, I didn't want to fly emirates anymore, She was saying that they can cancel the tickets but will not be given any refund. Why the *** would I cancel the tickets? I can might as well checking and simply not board.

*** with them, I also think they are very racial with Indians. We hired a porter @ Dubai airport and were standing in the line with my family. There was no one ahead and I was the next in line, some guy with the turban just came, he was attended before and that lady was shouting at the porter to take to some other line.

I even asked for supervisor at the counter, he gave me a mail in letter to fill and submit to the crew instead saying Supervisor is not here. There was no courtesy whatsoever in his behavior. I would like to say this if you are shameless 'fly emirates'. I am never gonna fly emirates in my life and nor would I let my family/parents/grand parents/cousins/friends to fly emirates

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

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When your two *** year old is out of control and your like a baby machine in usa to get them us pspt and as you sound dumb as *** please dont fly with any airlines buy a donkey and ride it or fly with any airlines displine your rude kids...wht do you expect your child keep pressing and hostess she smile or he smile for u *** dumb *** he is no slave to are so *** to call customer service if i was the one id shout at your indian american wana be and please make sure your relatives an friends stay away from emirates..its for classy ppl nt trash take air india or something.


The remote control is not a toy and isn't there to be played with by two year olds. It is disruptive to other passengers when the service call button is being continually pressed by a poorly supervised child.

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