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Emirates - the WORST airline - the worst Customer experience ever

It is worst to the extent that they made me cry out at last and mentally tortured me. The person who is the reason for this not just should be punished by Emirates but also should be punished by Human rights Commission for such a sadistic behavior and torturing customers. Nobody want to pay and get tortured, customers expect airlines' people to treat them respectfully. That bloody guy name is Rajaram Raasipelly (not sure if he said the right name, but I gave full description in the details below), sitting at online check-in counter in Rajiv Gandhi International airport, Hyderabad, India. I would never recommend nor travel Emirates any more. I'll make sure I spread the word to family, friends, colleagues and even to unknown people whom ever I ever met.

There is this Customer service assistant (or whatever you call) named Raja ram raasipelly, at Online check-in line counter. He is the worst face for Emirates, sitting at customer facing. Firstly he doesn't have any dignity while talking to customers. No respect to customers, not even to lady customers. He is so rude even while asking to put the baggage on the belt. They are heavy, I am a single lady customer travelling, he doesn't even wait till I lift and put in on the belt, nor he asks the attendant to help who is standing right next. He instead gets irritated while asking me to put cabin baggage first on the belt, While I was already placing check-in baggage. To get into details cabin bag I have a smaller size bag compared to normal cabin bag and a laptop bag. He starts arguing with me I cannot take my laptop/ laptop bag. If I want to take laptop at all, I should carry that in my cabin bag itself and all together along with laptop, charger/adaptor and cabin bag it should weigh 7kgs (including everything). I have high configuration laptop weighing more, if I follow the way he said, I should only carry laptop and adaptor in my cabin bag and nothing else, since empty cabin bag case/suitcase also would have some weight. So he argues with me on that so ridiculously rudely. I was also ready to pay, but he says even to pay I have to transfer all the cabin bag stuff to check in bags. I have a long flight and connecting flights, I would definitely need to carry some clothes and personal stuff while on flight, that is what cabin bag concept is for, to keep some necessary stuff with you while you are on flight. And It contains my medication too.

Coming to check-in bag while one bag is slightly more than 23 and other is slightly lower than 23, which is generally acceptable and understandable. For the first time I heard a new self made rule - I have to reshuffle and rearrange such that both are exactly and only 23. Well later I did reshuffle after the *** argument and talking even to his manager (who was not helpful too, but at least agreed on the fact you can carry your laptop apart, not necessarily packed in the cabin bag and NOT 7kgs for sure, but 10Kgs atleast)

Even after the reshuffle, they are up and down by some grams... again he argues rudely with me for exact 23 and not even point something, which is just not the Emirates way or any other airlines way. It is just his self-made rule.

While all this argument going on, this *** guy called Raja ram raasipelly, made me lift my baggage several times, with no mercy on a female passenger doing all the heavy lifting by self. I already have a medical condition of my shoulder pain, Scapula muscle pain, for which I shouldn't lift even slight heavy things currently, but he made me lift even much heavy things, making my medical condition worse and caused 'cervical disc bulge'. I was cold sweating, going breathe less with my left foot middle finger nerve getting curved and my middle finger climbing up on toe and getting stuck. With a bad radiating pain. Because of his cabin baggage problem, I had to even drop my medication. Complete on flight I was much tensed about the health condition, even with no medication along with me.

If my health or something seriously goes wrong on flight, no doubt I would have sued that person Raja ram raasipelly fully and Emirates; Slightly, his manager Mohan Rao too for not responding in Right way in Right time. But at least Mohan Rao was patient and respectful, so I appreciate that, though he didn't help much in Right way in the first place. He only helped me not to miss the flight. But thank God, my health condition didn't get serious on flight.

The idiotic Raja ram raasipelly even recklessly calls next customer while I was taking my wallet out to pay, how can he attend another customer, while he is with one.

This was an early morning flight at 4:15 am. I have already checked in online, in spite I came 2 hours early for check-in for a better seat since I have back pain, after I waited in the long line, and this *** argument and then reshuffle rearrange and come back and again they make a scene, they made me so frustrated and made the passenger Cry out of the tension to miss the flight, breathe lessness and their *** argument. Is that the way Emirates treat their customers, make them Cry finally before they on board the flight? Though I came 2 hours early, I was the last customer on the Check-in counter, while even rest all the staff left. I had to beg them to wait and give me my boarding passes, So that I won't miss my flight, while I was going breathe-less and crying due to their torture and treatment.

I would rather spend the last hour with my family waiting at the visitors area, looking from far at the drama going on and my rearranging stuff and heavy lifting baggage and crying me; rather than with the worst idiotic fellow Raja ram raasipelly, who doesn't have even human ethics and tortured me mentally and even physically making me do much heavy lifting, than I am capable of, making my health condition worse.

This guy Raja ram raasipelly (not sure even if he said the right name, he is a dark brown to dark skinned guy, with slight curly hair. They are only 2 persons on online checkin counter for E1-E08 for flight EK 525 to Dubai connecting to Seattle (through flight EK 229) - One guy is this one and other is silky haired guy. So NOT the silky haired guy, but this *** guy as described above) should be punished, not just by Emirates, but even by Human rights body, for such a treatment and Mental torture. While I already traveled to get to airport, sleepless, tired, have a medical condition and have a long flight to take ahead.

Not just this, but also while we were scheduling our tickets to a prior date. They made us spend hours and hours on call with Customer care and ended up charging us much more than a normal ticket with some extra charges. We were already fed up with that, and this guy in airport made it worst torturing me so badly.

But this idiotic guy in the airport counter should be punished, who doesn't even respect woman. Instead treats them rudely with his sadism, self-made rules and mentally tortures customers. How can Emirates allow such guys to represent Emirates facing customers. The worst customer experience with Emirates. I'll make sure to spread the word and make sure my friends family colleagues wont travel in Emirates anymore and wont get tortured by such degraded, ***, manner-less, ill-mannered guys.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund and make that ill-mannered guy Rajaram Rasipelly(or what ever his name is, as described in complaint) call on phone and apologize & fire him. Also apologies from his manager Mohan Rao, for not helping instead encouraging that kind of torture.

Emirates Airlines Cons: Poor ground customer service, Worst customer service, Rude employee, Rude csr, Not helpful manager.

  • rude employee
  • Extra Fees Applied
  • Worst Customer Service Person Eve
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