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I have just flown with Emirates from Auckland New Zealand to London Gatwick and the trip was a total nightmare. The Airbus broke down on the runway in Auckland with a fuel pump problem and we were kept on the plane for NINE HOURS!

From there on it just got worse and worse. Emirates would not re-book our whole trip (as we had missed all connections by then) but made us *** at each airport to re-book the next leg. This meant another delay in Melbourne Australia, a FIVE HOUR *** at the "Customer Service" desk in Dubai (and there encountered the most unhelpful arrogant staff that I have ever come across - one staff member implied that it was our own fault that we missed connections! - I must remember if I was ever silly enough to fly Emirates again, to carry a spare Airbus fuel pump in my luggage so I won't encounter any more holdups like this one).

When I arrived at Gatwick I calculated that the trip had taken me 48 hours!!

What has upset me the most is not the fact that the plane broke down but the behaviour and attitude of the Emirates staff.

This is an airline whose staff have forgotten that they would not have jobs if it was not for the customers whom they are meant to be serving. Like all large corporations you have absolutely no faith that they will take the slightest bit of notice if you bother to contact them and let them know that their service is really not acceptable.

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With all due respect ,

i am an employee of this Worst company for 3 years now ,

The reason the staff is not efficient or helpful is the companies black side, no Medical cover and low salary compared to market , no growth (only people with contacts ) no benefits in regards to bonus and increments are more like 10 to 50 $ .

and employee dnt care anymore

they want there salary in the end of the month

and even if you report them , no action will be taken


Take some action, organize yourself, but don' t make feel bad innocent passengers.

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