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I hate to have to do this but I cannot believe how unprofessional and plainly rude Emirates and the staff are. I have submitted 5 complaints in relation to the same issues and the fact that no one has responded infuriates me even further.

I travelled with Emirates on the 02/01/13 from Birmingham to Sydney via Dubai. My flight was delayed in Birmingham and when I arrived at Dubai, I was informed that I was unable to board the flight that would be departing in 1 hour. The staff were rude in their tone, the way they looked at me, talked to me and their mannerisms. They rolled their eyes constantly and even just ignored me at some points. They informed me that I had to wait an additional 9 hours for the next flight as they needed 75 minutes to move my luggage from flight A to flight B. As I was the only passenger transferring onto flight B, Emirates could not possibly accommodate the 15 minutes that they were late due to their error.

I finally got to the customer service desk and enquired about this change and I was told to "sit down and wait the extra 9 hours”. I was informed that they had no hotel rooms available so I should secure myself a seat at the airport. I tried to ask for help again and found one staff member who was willing to help. He told me he would get me a hotel room and I should follow him. I followed this man for 20 minutes with my bag. Suddenly, he opened a door and disappeared. I knocked on the door and no one answered. Another staff member came out and told me to go back to the customer service desk. All the walking and hope was for nothing. He was leading me astray for no reason. Was this some sort of game between these imbeciles? Is this racism, sexism, prejudice, ageism? I have no idea!

I failed to mention that I was meeting my brother at Dubai to catch a flight with him to Sydney. I noted down his gate, picked up my bags and ran there. The doors had just closed. I had just missed him. The staff told me that my brother was aware of the situation and that he would meet me at Sydney Airport. Later, I found out that my brother refused to get on the flight without me and the staff informed him that I had left the airport to go to the hotel that they never supplied. To make matters worse, they wouldn't tell him when I would arrive at Sydney so he had to wait for me at the airport instead of going to work. What is wrong with these people?!

So my next move was to contact my mum, I asked to use the phone which was refused then finally granted and snatched from my ear after 3 minutes of a timed call. Bearing in mind that I queued up for 40 minutes for that call and no one else was using it.

When I reached Sydney, I submitted a complaint outlining the above and more. No response. I resubmitted my complaint and received a response after a month. Emirates agreed to credit me with a measly Skyward Reward points. I responded that this ridiculous amount was unacceptable and got no reply. They still failed to add these points on the account. 6 months later I received a general reply; I responded and guess what? No reply.

2 months later I resubmitted and have not heard from any representative of Emirates.

After 5 complaint submissions and a few emails Emirates has still maintained it’s speciality rudeness and lack of professionalism. How can a major company act like this and get away with it?

If you want to travel well, DO NOT FLY WITH EMIRATES! Or over a year later you will be writing something similar.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I would like a free one-way Business class ticket.

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