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This is the second time in 3 weeks I get delayed for 9 hours at Dubai due to a late Emirates flight. On both occasions I did not even get an apology and is expected to hang around at the airport and carry the additional cost due to late night arrivals at my destination.

The worse part is that this connection was suggested by Emirates to my travel agent and yet when they cannot keep to their schedule they could not care less. And of course on their web site there is no way to lodge a customer complaint which just shows how much they care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Even with all wishes that we have to

Your company, EMIRATES '

We have a complaint

We are also in Skopje since we can not

that to deal agreed with your agency here

in Skopje is authorized by "EMIRATES


We had booked three tickets for the date

18.10.2010 from ISTAMBULL-Jakarta

So that to date we can obtain 15.10.2010

Visas for there, please office here in Skopje

to wait for us to have a few minutes

opportunity to confirm our tickets because

we have had many trips and important

meetings with several companies out there

But from the office here in Skopje non EMIRATES

only that they did not perform any service is

even they did not want to hear us

in this case

In this case I asked AUTHORIZERS office, she told me it was her that we are not so important for them.

Even though other times they do not even have us

served us well and not well informed


We are travelers rules of your company

, For every year of travel at least twice a year

Your company

For this reason we have informed you that

good review and help us in a lighthouse


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