I am not speaking out of line when I say I have a daughter whose life revolves around working for Emirates as Cabin Crew she worked so hard on her lon line assessment to find out that her friend who did the same kind of online assessment was invited straight to an interview. Yet my daughter was self invited to an assessment centre.

She went through three gruelling days of team work assessment and then to a 1-2-1 interview. Of course, being in HR myself I asked the format of questioning to review her answers and I can hand on heard say that one question asked was completely out of order and certainly not HR compliant where words were put into the applicants mouth. We also asked her two colleagues both reaching interview. About "breaking rules" Anyway moving on none of the girls were successful and all received rejection emails.

My daughters going straight into spam while the recruitment team based in London simply told her to check her trash mail for such an important response which has now turned her life upside down. Rejection! While her firend who was invited straight to interview is now working for Emirates, heaven knows why as the online application mirrored each others as they did it together. But the Rejection hit hard so hard in fact I personally wrote to Emirates Head Office HR division in Dubai asking for feedback.

While my daughter asked the team in London receiving a harsh and ill though out response about "self reflection" I know from being in HR for over 25 years that large estabished companies can and are allowed to offer constructive feedback & should support their future employees to achieve another successful interview in 12 months. But they point blank refused. My daughter in the meantime has self reflected, not sleeping is so upset and yest these so called Recruitment caring sharing Emirates TEAM could not careless. Seeking and researching Emirates I now find they invest heavily in Russian and eastern european staff who rely on Emirates for their Visa's who in return become part of their recruitment team.

Unqualified uninterested unless in Russia or eastern europe and most NOT caring or sharing but in this for their own interests which in the main is to reach the highest attainment and seek permanent residence outsdie their own country whether marrying or otherwise. Emirates you and your recrutiment team are disgraceful. you are not compliant. you do not care about the girls and boys you take through to the end yet throw them out with no reasoning or feedback.

Disgraceful. Why you are the worlds number one is beyond me as my experieince flying with you is that the girls laden in full foundation mascara and lipstick could not attain any level of human converdation missed us out twice on food service, lied were all from other parts of the globe and quite frankly there was NO customer service empathy caring or sharing to be seen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Your daughter needs to learn to deal with rejection better and you need to stop being such a helicopter parent as stated before. Compliant to what? Emirates is based in dubai and is owned by dubai govt theyre compliant to themselves their policy is not to give feeback not happy about it tough! And what illegal question? Thats just the way it goes if youre really going up the wall over that maybe its a good thing she didnt get in. Because thats just the tip of the iceberg of living in dubai.

Now as for your level of english for someone who supposedly works in hr im glad u dont work in mine as I would not understand a thing u had to say. And your blatant racism is extremely offensive; and total bollocks the vast majority of cabin crew for emirates do nit come from eastern europe they simply don't. They are mostly brits and a great deal of greeks and spanish. And if you found them so rude and offensive why on earth would you have encouraged your daughter to join emirates?

Deal with rejection life is not fair and we certainly dont get what we want just because we want it birching and moaning and bring racist about it is not doing yourself or your daughter any favours and she simply will not have the tools to cope in later life with real dissapointments and hardships


You are in HR and cannot write a coherent letter? Yikes!

And maybe it is time for you to stop being a "helicopter parent" and let you daughter lead her own life and deal with her own problems.


To whomever you are, I feel for your daughter and I can understand that you are annoyed at the fact your daughter did not get the job with Emirates.

I'm ex crew with Emirates, I'm now a pilot. Yes cabin crew do have intelligence for the most part and I flew with Lawyers to holders of PHD's contrary to what especially sub continent born British/US passport from cereal box make out.

Be very glad your daughter did not make it because Emirates will lie to her from the very start. Where she will live, how she will be treated etc etc. Life as crew is not pleasant and most will hate it after 6 months. They do not respect you and despite the glossy exterior inside the company is a lot of in fighting and the crew morale is non existent. Getting up at 10pm to work a sub continent sector and landing at 1pm the following day is not glamorous when its the 3rd night on the trot. I can assure you they do not care about their staff. I will say it again...EMIRATES DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR THEM ESPECIALLY PILOTS AND CREW. They will wriggle out of industrial injury, will work you to the bone, dont care about your personal health, if a family member was to take ill or worse pass away - they dont care if its not your mother or father and even then they frown upon you being less than perfect and god forbid should you have a flight and not be happy they will call you into the office and expect an explanation.

So your daughter is far better off.

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