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I had booked an Emirates ticket from Tokyo to Zurich via Dubai because Emirates was the cheapest ticket. I play classical guitar and I certainly never check it in: the guitar case fits into every overhead bin perfectly and I always take it with me as hand luggage.

Well, until that stop over. When I tried to get onto my connection I had to check in once more (I don't recall having to check in again for a connection with any other airline) and the woman at the counter refused to let me take my guitar with me. In fact she threatened me that unless I check it in I will be grounded in Dubai. I have certainly never been threatened by customer service of any company before.

Also, during the flight the flight attendants treated everyone like underdogs: someone asked for water and the response was not a smile "yes, sir, certainly" it was "can't you see that I'm really busy? I'll bring you your water when I have time". I'm still speechless. Another outrageous thing that happened on that flight was: to sleep nearly everyone pulled their blinds down.

When the crew decided to serve breakfast everyone was forced to open their blinds and if anyone wanted to keep the blinds down and keep on sleeping the flight attendant got super aggressive and threatening forcing everyone to open the blinds. No explanation given. Since I have never been asked to open the blinds in the middle of any flight I can't help thinking the only reason they did it was to demonstrate their power.

I will certainly never fly with Emirates again and will certainly not recommend it to anyone who wants to experience a pleasant flight. This is an "airline" for people who can't afford to pay an extra-100$ to fly with a real airline.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight Attendant.

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Actually a guitar will not fit horizontally into the overhead bin on a 777 in certain areas especially if its in a hard case. Secondly if it was only $100 then why didnt you fly with another airline?

If emirates isnt real then surely that flight couldnt be real and then the cabin crew and your entire story must be fake because its not a real airline by your definition.

Very unlikely to have been a bad flight with those 2 destinations as crew very much enjoy those flights.


Seems everyone just happens to be rude to you for no reason whatsoever... dunno how an airline could survive operating like that let alone be one of the fastest expanding airlines in the world atm...

One side of the story. wish could hear the other.

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