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we had booked a 7 days stay at the Crowne Plaza in Muscate for our 20 years anniversary with my wife and 4 kids. We were about to board the Emirates flight in Paris when an Emirates attendant noticed the passport of one of my kid was short of 3 weeks (valid until mid-May).

He refused us to board the plane. Of course the flight was overbooked and another family replaced us. We travelled Qatar Airlines a few days later as Emirates did not find an alternative flight. They only told us to come at the airport and register on the overbooking list.

At the Omani boarder the officer did not comment on the passport.

Emirates barely refund 40% of the tickets.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight Attendant.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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My opinion, you should blame yourself and not Emirates as they were merely doing their job.

They should only confirm the 6 months prior to boarding and not at the time of booking as it is the travelers obligation to ensure you are familiar with the end country's regulations.


I had similar experience with Emirates Arilines. Lack of flexibility and ampathy.

We will never again give our business to emirates airlines. We do not recomend them to our worst enemy.


care to elaborate or is a blanket statement all u got?


The passport issue should've been picked up earlier. However you're lucky this was oman, the policy stands worldwide; had you for example been allowed to board and saved yourself this inconvenience and your destination was lets say doha, or china, or ho chi minh, without an attendant noticing you'd be singing a mighty different tune, involving insufficient documents on entering a seperate sovereign nation.

As well as (no exaggeration)a life changing experience courtesy of your new host government all with you and your 4 kids.

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