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II recently had the most horrific experience with Emirates, which is the THIRD consecutive bad experience I have had with them.

Despite paying an extra $1000AUD to get a 23 hour connection from Sydney to London, to ensure jetlag was minimized and I was back at work in time for a meeting, my flight was delayed and my transit ended up being 37 hours.

I could have booked in Singapore Airlines and paid significantly less and had a 27 hour transit.

In addition to the flight delay. I asked for them to ensure I had a good seat so I could atleast sleep. They consequently moved me FROM a WINDOW seat toward the front, to a MIDDLE seat at the back of a plane. Next to a baby. The worst seat on the plane.

In addition to this is man sitting next to me was smoking on board and playing with a lighter. Which obviously was hugely distressing. Little was done about this despite my complaints.

I requested a Gluten Free meal, the meal I received was not Gluten Free so I was consequently viciously ill.

To make matters worse I tried to complain at the office in Dubai, and was told to email my complaint. Which I have done 7 times now to no response and it has now been over a month.

I am a frequent flyer with Emirates and have spent many $1000's of dollars flying Emirates over lower cost airlines, and I have had enough. They have not even bothered to acknowledge my email.

Has anyone else experienced this with Emirates, and if so do they have a better contact address to which I can write to?

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Am a very frequent traveller with Emirates, they constantly send you fake notices of how many miles you need to reach the next tier level. Despite those miles being achieved they refuse to put you on the higher tier level.

As usual, emails get response never by the same person, always by different people so you need to explain your whole story many times, they never allow you to talk to someone senior.

Obviously they are unable to keep to their word.

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