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I have flown Emirates whenever I go to Asia – because it has the friendliest customer service staff in the world. Rather, it HAD.

Today, I am writing to express my anger and utter disappointment at the treatment meted out to me by the team at Emirates during Hurricane Sandy.

I was to board an Emirates Flight from Bangalore to New York on Sun Oct 28th, 2012, on a return leg of my journey from BLR-NYC. While most airlines had cancelled their flights in lieu of Hurricane Sandy, Emirates decided to go ahead with theirs. However, upon reaching Dubai we were told the connecting flight was cancelled. We were then put up on a hotel and assured of flights to NYC on Wednesday Oct 31st, 2012. While this caused disruption to my work schedule, it was no fault of the airline. Ideally though, the airline should have cancelled the first flight.

After hardly getting any sleep ( I was working US time from the Hotel), I was woken up by Emirates staff at 2am on Oct 30th, informing me that the airline was cancelling the flight on Wednesday and would not bear any more hotel expenses beyond Monday night. I was given two options only, both of which would come at exorbitant cost to me:

1. Continue to stay indefinitely in Dubai at my own cost until there is a flight to NYC.

2. Fly from Dubai to Houston.

The airline refused my three suggestions:

1. To fly me back to Bangalore and let me take the next connecting flight to NYC at no cost to me.

2. To provide me with a ticket for a connecting flight from Houston to NYC once operations resume (although I agreed to stay in Houston at no cost to the airline)

3. To even ship the additional baggage to NYC at no cost to me. I would have to pay extra for this from Houston on a domestic carrier.

I have therefore borne travel costs in excess of $1000 directly as a result of un-cooperation from Emirates. That is besides the $20,000 in business damages suffered as a result of constant dislocation.

All airlines that I have flown so far have always agreed to at the least pay for a journey end-to-end – that is a contract entered into when I buy a ticket for going from A to B. How could Emirates drop me off at C (which is halfway across the country) and say goodbye?

Flight Info:

Ticket confirmation code: GHD87F

Original Flight from DBX to JFK: EK 203

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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I also flew Emirates at the same time and had the same frustrating experience. Worst was the customer experience. Such a shame!

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