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Thanks for the feedback guys! In hindsight I should have left the wallet.

My complaint was more that no-one told me this was standard procedure to cancel the subsequent flights.

And to the travel agent,MY travel agent did not consider it as a no show and was equally surprised that the tickets were cancelled. I still believe that Emirates were as unhelpful as they could be.

No, the KLM flight was the one I had to buy to get from Dubai to Amsterdam.

Original review posted by user Aug 22, 2012

I recently (June 2012) travelled from Australia to Amsterdam, via a two night stopover in Dubai. I checked in for my flight but eventually missed it because I was late while looking for my lost/stolen wallet. They knew I was running 10 minutes (genuine!) late and said they would hold the plane. A travelling companion waited for me and missed the flight too! The flight was still on the ground and the ground staff telephoned the plane, offered to clear us immediately and get us on board. The plane crew refused. I said it would take longer to get the luggage off than to get us on! As I needed to get to Amsterdam to board a river cruise, the Emirates staff said I would have to come back at 0530 tomorrow morning and hope I could get on that day's flight; there was only one flight to Amsterdam per day. They also advised that tomorrow's flight was fully booked. The following day was also fully booked but I was welcome to come back that day too. I called my travel agent in Perth and we were booked on a KLM flight about 18 hours later. The river cruise etc. were great.

It came time to head home, starting with a Lufthansa flight from Budapest to Munich, then Emirates to Dubai and Emirates to Perth. My three travelling companions and I tried to confirm our flights online 24 hours prior to departure but the website said we had to do this at the airport. All of our bookings showed up under our respective booking references as expected, and there was absolutley no indication of the problems that were about to arise. Ok, so we are all at the Lufthansa check in counter; two were issued boarding passes but I and one other were told out rickets were invalid. It turns out hat Emirates had cancelled them following our not getting on the earlier flight to Amsterdam. I spoke to a very helpful Lufthansa lady and explained why the flight had been missed and how I had gotten to Amsterdam via KLM. She unblocked the remaining flights and were were issued with Boarding Passes for the three flights and our luggage was checked through to Perth.

We flew to Munich. While there, we we paged over the PA system to come to the boarding counter. There, the Emirates staff said that we shouldn't even have been allowed on board the Lufthansa flight and that we were refused entry to the flight. Despite many protests we were escorted back through Customs. This was very late at night, the airport was closing down for the evening and we were stranded in Munich (having never been there before). The Emirates suggestion was to buy new tickets to get back to Perth. The fact that it was, like, 2.00 am in Perth was not their concern. The fact that I had boarding passes for the missed flight and for the KLM flight to prove how we had gotten to Amsterdam meant nothing. The Emirates staff were less than helpful and could not have given a rodent's rear! All they said was that this was industry standard and that our travel agent should have made us aware that the missed flight would cause the cancellation of all subsequent flights on that booking. When this was mentioned to the travel agent they said that they did not regard us as 'No Shows' and expected that we would be allowed on the subsequent flights.

The travel agent in Perth, when we could contact her, was very helpful and we were able to re-open the existing tickets, for a hefty fee of course.

We have complained to Emirates about their complete lack of advice, assistance and empathy. Their response has been one of all care but no responsibility. They have telephoned to say not their problem but were not willing to put anything in writing. I will never fly Emirates again. Their ads about how they really care about their passengers etc. is a nonsense. They could not have been less helpful or informative. If the cancelled ticket had been shown on the website when we tried to confirm online we could have sorted this out and gotten on to the flights as booked. The only pleasant thing is that the A380 was barely booked and so we had a pleasant flight to Munich. Emirates made no attempt to be of any assistance. Their bets suggestion was to wait and hope that we might get on board out of Dubai, then to advise us to buy new tickets from Munich to Perth. That's it.

Emirates?? Not likely!!

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Imagine if emirates had to follow behind every customer who left their wallet and travel documents. You agree to a term of travel when you buy your ticket and you are the one broke those terms not getting on the first plane.

It's not their fault they were doing what every airline in the world does.

U miss your first flight, u loose all flights after. Now you know


You have no one to blame but yourself. Standard rules of carriage - if you miss the flight, the rest of the itinerary will auto-cancel. What did you expect EK to do - just because you lost your wallet? Did you not think to ensure you had all the essentials in place prior to travel?

Also, what KLM flight were you on ex Australia? A code share?

EK acted within the terms and conditions of carriage and yes, your TA should have advised you that once you missed your outbound flight, cancellations of each remaining sector would occur.

No one to blame but yourself I'm afraid...

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