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Plz refer communications on the subject -

1. I think you both havent read my mail well . Let me again say - I have tried transactions with two debit cards . Both are working , i have done cash withdrawls & online payments just to re-check if their is any issue from my banks side. But both are working perfectly fine.

2. I have also briefed you earlier that , i have also waited for more than 48 hours several times before making another attempt, but it still doesnt work.

Kindly have your IT team check the exact reason & get back to me by 18th Oct evening maximum or else i will now take this issue further as i have already mentioned in my earlier mails.Read a customers mail before replying on the lines of some copy paste type standard replies. Instead of understanding the issue u people simple go on giving any dam reply. my parents need to fly out of country , they will , with or without emirates. But i will make sure you end up realising what you have made me go through. In my direct relations i have more than 15 members who use ur airlines. Then i have my social circle & the whole beautiful so callled internet , to show people how you treat your customers, how much you value their time, money & association. You people dont even have the basic courtesy to call up a customer & try to resolve their issues.

u guys better act fast as my patience is almost out. If you dont act , you will see all these conversations in various social media by this weekend for sure.


Deepak Soni


Subject: Re: Online booking help


Date: Sunday, October 14, 2012, 2:32 PM

Dear Mr. Soni,

Thank you for contacting Emirates.

Please note that you have not provided us sufficient information for us to assist you.

However, based on the history of your conversation with our consultants, we understand you are facing an error with your credit card while purchasing a ticket online. Our consultant had advised you to provide us with your credit card number in order for us to check at our end.

Should you require further assistance, kindly provide us with your credit card number (please do not provide us with the expiry date and security code at this stage) by replying to this trail so that we may assist you further.

We look forward to your response.



Customer Sales and Service Representative

Emirates Airline

On 14/10/12 10:50, Jag Mohan Soni wrote:


How can we help: U people are so pathetic & irresponsible that you done even bother writting to your customers querries.

Shame on such an arrogant airlines & its staff who doesnt have any time & value for its customers . is this your so called Customer Service ?

U boost to be UAE's best airlines & aspire to be No. 1 in world , & that's how u think you will get their. , PATHETIC IS D WORD FOR ALL OF U SITTING THEIR & DOING NOTHING . BEING PAID OF FOR SITTING THEIR & HATCHING EGGS PERHAPS.

if you still dont bother to reply now , i will put copy of complaint letters all over the media & social networking sites - cnn , utube , twitter, facebook , orkut ....perhaps then only u will WAKEUP !

--- On Sat, 10/13/12, wrote:


Subject: Re: Online booking help

To: "Jag Mohan Soni"

Date: Saturday, October 13, 2012, 6:10 PM

Dear Mr. Soni,

Thank you for contacting Emirates.

With regards to your query, please be advised that we have found online attempts which were not successful. Kindly note that your booking could not be completed since authorization was refused by your issuing bank against your online payment.

Kindly be advised, like any other online or telephone merchant, Emirates restricts the number of non "in-person" payment attempts that can be made within a short space of time.

Hence, when the customer has exceeded the maximum number of attempts within a certain time period (normally within 24 hours), the customer is temporarily restricted from making any further payments for another 24 hours. In this case customer can go ahead and make a new reservation after 24 hours from the last online transaction, however the fares/seats would be subject to availability at the time of booking and fares cannot be guaranteed unless the transaction is successful for the tickets to be issued.

Some common reasons for refusal include bank refusal of credit card transaction, communication errors with bank, an error in the card number or expiry date entered, an error in the Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code password entered.

We would require you credit card number to assist you further. However if you do not wish to disclose the credit card details via e-mail, then you may call Emirates local office for further assistance on the same. You may also visit the emirates office locally and pay by your credit card or cash. Seats/Fare would be subject to availability at the time of reservation and also subject to service fees.

Should you require any further assistance or need more clarification please do not hesitate to contact us.



Customer Sales and Service Representative

Emirates Airline

On 10/10/12 15:09, Jag Mohan Soni wrote:

Country Code: IN

Language Code: en


How can we help: My name is Deepak Soni. I am a skyward member, I am trying to book my parents ticket to dubai for last couple of days. I must have tried over 20 times , each time it fails saying that authorization has failed. I have tried with two differnt debit cards . Both failed. I have checked both debit cards with my bank, as per them their is no issue from their end. I spoke to ur call center , the gut said , since you had 3 failed attempts so we have blocked booking for you . Plz try after 24 hours. I tried after 24 hours day before yesterday , it still didnt work.

Looking at the above , i am so frustrated that i feel i should change my airlines simply. Either you give me a solution in next 24 hours or else i should simply change my airlines forever.


Deepak Soni

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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