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To whom it may concern.

I wish to put in this complain with regards to the delays in delivering my luggage at my final destination and also the theft if items contained therein.

My name is Esther Eyo Nsa travelling with my family; Eyo Nsa, Nathan Nsa and Andrea Nsa. On flight number: EK786 on our trip on Monday the 4th August, 2014 from Abuja to Orlando via Dubai & NYC. 

Baggage claim EK 289419

DXB EK 0786/04

JFK EK 0201/05

MCO B6 1183/05

Upon arrival at JFK, we waited patiently to retrieve our luggage to no avail, and had to continue with our trip to Orlando without our luggage. We laid a complain at JFK and we were asked to make further complaints upon arrival at Orlando on Tuesday Night Using the connecting flight Jet Blue to Orlando we laid our complaints and were asked to go as they will contact us if the luggage is located.

At this point the entire family had to start making unplanned purchases of clothes and items to use until Four (4) days later on Saturday the 7th of August 2014 when we were contacted through email that our baggage had been located and will be delivered to us at our hotel, which they did.

Upon receipt of the baggage I was shocked that the suitcase had been vandalised, ransacked and items such as iPad, clothing, jewelry and cosmetics stolen.

This was my first trip using Emirates and I and my family is quite distraught at this situation which we want the airline to address and retribution made for our losses and inconvenience. We will be making our return trip back to Abuja, Nigeria on the 19th of August and expect that those co concerned will look into this seriously.

Name: Esther Eyo Nsa



I expect a response from the airline otherwise my solicitor will be contacted to institute a formal legal claim.


Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

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