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I (actually in a group of 3) was embarrased to the bone by your staff especially one dark skinned Rebecca at DXB Dubai during check in for flight EK787 to Accra 6/8/14. At a point, i felt i was maltreated because i was a dark skinned African.

What happened:

We started the journey from Schipol on the 2/8/14 to Dubai. Our flight was schedule for departure at 3:30pm but when we got there, we were made to understand that the flight is full and we are entitled to a compensation offer( options) if we agree to travel with the next flight. In fact, your staff there were very polite,resonable and professional. We agreed to the offer and was bumped to businness class including allowance for luggage. I therefore bought a few duty free items from schipol and my laggage raised to 36kg instead of 30kg for economy.

We arrived at DXB succesfully and spent 3days without adding up to the luggage.

On that fateful day, 6/8/14 during check in, after staying in a long ***, we were told they don't have our name and records for boarding pass. As if that was not enough, our lagguge too was over the limit and have to pay. When we tried to explain to Rebecca , she shouted on us in the glare view of other passengers as if we were no bodies. Instantly,out of instincts, i regretted taking the offer at schipol. How can i buy items from schipol based on your offer and have to dump them at dxb? Was i being decieved to be embarrased at dxb?

I tried to explain to every staff that mattered on that day was completely ignored and disrespected. In the end, i was turned into a laughing stock and had to pay. In fact, that was a bad experience for me because i least expected that from emirates air.

Your staff in the plane were nice all the way fromAccra to Amsterdam and back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

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