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Emirates Airlines-- I recently booked a flight with Emirates through a many-airline website. I have had very good results with this website in the past.

I just tried to reserve our seats with the Emirates website directly for our flights. I was told that I have to pay $25 extra, per person, per flight just to reserve a seat!!!! This amounts to $100 extra for the entire journey, or roughly 18% more of the flight cost! No airline in the world makes you pay extra to reserve a seat!

At no point in the booking process was I informed that I would have to pay this extra fee! This is nothing but false advertising and FRAUD. Avoid Emirates at all costs.

They are nothing but common thieves. Avoid this terrible Airline.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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The fraud is on your part in making accusations about Emirates Airlines. You went to an on-line travel agent.

First these travel agent websites tell you to go to the airlines website and read the rules - did you, apparently not. Second, these on-line travel agents are the same as those located in store fronts. If there was an omission, the complaint is about them, not the airlines.

Third, you are mistaken about seat fees. Almost every airline now charges to reserve seats.


You are mistake, they do charge for booking your seats. Last week i booked flight online directly wity airlines not involving agents etc.

emirates has started charging 10£ per seat per flight. In my case it was connecting flight ( return too), so altogethe 40£ for just booking yr seats.

However if you can wait till 48 hrs before travel u can book it free then but they are all the left overs and obviously if you are a family find it hard to sit together which is not practical if you have toddler and kids.

I would still prefer to stick to emirates as i have found it to be the best !!!

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